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A Nap Café and Wellness Club Just Opened in New York

It’s the dream place for those who love to snooze.


A new kind of club just opened in New York. Cleverly called Nap York, the new establishment is basically a wellness club where busy and overworked New Yorkers can go for a well-deserved snooze. In today’s busy-obsessed world, Nap York serves as a much-needed escape.

The four-storey property houses a health-conscious café and lounge, a nap area, a yoga and meditation studio, and a co-working space. The interiors, with its many leafy plants, relaxing soft lighting, and sleek furniture in neutral tones, were designed to provide a serene ambiance perfect for resting and clearing the mind.

The establishment is like a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs.

Source: Nap York

On the first floor is the cafe, where guests can order healthy food and drinks.

Up one floor are the nap pods.

Source: Nap York

There’s a starlit ceiling, Airweave mattresses, and soundproof curtains. The pods come with hot towels and charcoal water.

Guests can choose to nap or meditate in the different areas of the club.

Source: Nap York

On the third floor, they have the lounge and studio. The space contains egg-shaped chairs and yoga mats. Here, guests can read, nap, or participate in the yoga classes and guided meditation sessions.

There is also a quiet place to do some work.

Source: Nap York

On the top floor is the co-working space where guests can do some work in peace. The chairs can be reclined, and there are standing desks, too.

The creators of Nap York believe in wellness.

Source: Nap York

As stated in their website:

“Our philosophy is simple: Wellness is a key component to healthy living and is achieved by making mindful and self-directed choices. We believe that quality rest is essential for optimal wellness. The best ‘you’ is the one that’s well rested.

“Our solution is elegant: A premiere wellness club. We’ve created a personal haven in Midtown Manhattan dedicated to your rest and well-being. As our signature experience, Nap York recharging pods offer a private refuge to nap, relax, or meditate.”


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