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“My Dad is a Liar”; A Heart-Touching Story About The Sacrifices Of A Father





Everything we have in our lives now, we owe it mostly to our parents. Imagine how many sleepless nights your mother endured just to give you a good night sleep when you were a baby. Or how many hours your father spent working overtime so he can afford to send you to  good school. How many moments of sacrifice did they make to turn you into who you are today?

This heartwarming commercial made by MetLife Hong Kong tells us exactly what every parents’ love is all about. Entitled “My Dad’s Story: Dream for My Child”, the short video clip shows a little girl handing her father a tearjerking letter telling him that she knew that “he lies”.

So what exactly was the father’s secret? Watch the video to find out why he keeps on telling lies to his little girl.

Get your tissues ready.

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As of writing, the video has gone viral getting over 7 million views on Youtube.

Do you remember the sacrifices your parents did just to give you a good life? Share us your experiences below.

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