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“My Dad is a Liar”; A Heart-Touching Story About The Sacrifices Of A Father

So what exactly was the father’s secret?

Mini Malabanan





Everything we have in our lives now, we owe it mostly to our parents. Imagine how many sleepless nights your mother endured just to give you a good night sleep when you were a baby. Or how many hours your father spent working overtime so he can afford to send you to  good school. How many moments of sacrifice did they make to turn you into who you are today?

This heartwarming commercial made by MetLife Hong Kong tells us exactly what every parents’ love is all about. Entitled “My Dad’s Story: Dream for My Child”, the short video clip shows a little girl handing her father a tearjerking letter telling him that she knew that “he lies”.

So what exactly was the father’s secret? Watch the video to find out why he keeps on telling lies to his little girl.

Get your tissues ready.

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As of writing, the video has gone viral getting over 7 million views on Youtube.

Do you remember the sacrifices your parents did just to give you a good life? Share us your experiences below.

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A Man On The Street Began Singing…  What Happened Next was Remarkable!

This awesome video shows exactly how music connects everyone.

Raff Santos



Playing For Change movement’s primary aim is to inspire and connect the world through the power of their music. They are always in constant search for inspirations of ordinary people who have the soul and conviction in their voices. According Johnson, PFC founder, creating songs around the world moved them to unite the unknown great musicians from different countries and cultures. Through music, they become one in spreading hope and love to the rests of the world.

One inspiring music video showed below is their wonderful rendition of the soul singer Otis Redding song entitled “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay”.  The classic music was given again life by the group.  I was just amazed on how they created the video performed by the many people from different countries.  Indeed, their music would easily connect to people who are in need of inspiration to remain steadfast as they face many turbulent moments in their lives.

Watch the Inspiring Music Video!

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Romantic Husband Writes 10,000 Love Letters To Wife. He’s the MAN!

Everyday for the past 40 years this overly romantic guy gives his wife a token of his love and affection.

Jessa Ventures



Love letter is a romantic way of showing one's love in written form. It just never gets old and nothing can ever transcend the rush of emotions, feelings of love whenever you receive a letter from your beloved.

While women are more likely to write love letters, send cards and prefer the traditional and romantic ways to show their love to men, this devoted husband is breaking that record and setting the bar high for the male population. Your "no ordinary man" is Bill Bresnan, a Toms River, New Jersey resident and radio host who has written more than 10,000 love letters to her wife Kirsten--everyday since they have been married.


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These Awesome Acts Of Kindness Will DEFINITELY Restore Your Faith In Humanity!

My heart almost stopped…




“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” - Aesop

Imagine that you're standing on a train platform, waiting for the next train to bring you to where you're supposed to go. It's a normal, boring day, and you can't wait to get through with it.  You're busy fumbling with your mobile phone when the old lady beside you collapses and falls onto the train tracks. You stand there, frozen. What will you do?

Being able to help others is a good thing. But being able to save a life is probably the greatest deed that one can ever accomplish. It involves courage, compassion, and altruism.  This awesome compilation of video clips shows how random acts of kindness can turn into heroic deeds. It will definitely touch your heart, move you to tears, and restore your faith in humanity.

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