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7 Amazing Ways to Cure Your Body With Ordinary Mustard





Mustard. We take it for granted as an everyday condiment for various kinds of food.

However, there’s more to this spicy yellow dipping sauce than meets the eye.


Did you know mustard owns up to a whole slew of body benefits that can aid everything from the common cold to respiratory illnesses?

True. Mustard’s benefits have been used for hundreds of years, and not just for cuisine.

The mustard plant’s crushed yellow seeds, turned into the golden yellow mustard condiment can be used for a variety of health issues, such as:

#1: Soothing a sore throat.


Source: WikiHow

Boil one tablespoon of mustard mixed with the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of salt, and a tablespoon of honey. Gargle as soon as it’s cool to tamp down on the irritation.

#2. Clearing up congestion from chest colds.


Mustard’s spicy attributes make good plasters for cold congestion. Simply rub on your chest and lay a hot, damp washcloth over it to harness the warmth. It relaxes your muscles, too.

#3. Relieving burned skin.


Mustard relieves minor burns. No matter how counter-intuitive that sounds, this spicy condiment soothes burned skin and prevents blisters.

#4. Getting rid of strong smells.


Yes, this strong-smelling yellow dip can clear your room of odors. Pour a dollop into hot water, apply on the offending spot, and you can smell the difference a while later.

#5. Conditioning your hair.


Your dry hair will thank you after you rub a palm-size amount of mustard on it and leave it on for a minimum of 8 hours. Sleep on it with a shower cap and rinse it off in the morning for silky smooth hair.

#6. Relieving tired feet.


Just as mustard soothes congested chests, it alleviates tired, aching feet, as well. The spice’s muscle-relaxing properties work for the whole body, too.

#7. A face mask to rejuvenate skin.


Mustard makes for a great toning and firming mask. People with sensitive skin need to do a skin test first, though.

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