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Prankster Dressed as Muslim Throws Bag at People in this Terrifying Bomb Prank

A man wearing traditional Muslim attire throws a bag at the people he comes across in this preposterous prank.

Ann Moises





This year has been difficult for many people. Terrorist attacks have left many traumatized victims and the people who have lost their loved ones are still mostly grieving. In fact, the entire world mourned and an innumerable number of people who empathized with the casualties developed hatred towards the Muslims and everything they stand for.

Consequently, innocent, peace-loving Muslims were dragged into the chaos. Some haters threatened the lives of some of them because they are scared; they think every Middle Eastern man and woman are with the infamous ISIS.

Then this happens.

An unknown man wearing a white thobe (traditional clothing Muslim men wear) and a keffiyeh ran around streets, jumped off trees, and kicked down doors only to throw a huge black bag at the first person or people he meets. And then, he’ll run away from you like hell.

Believe it or not, it was a practical joke—a bomb prank orchestrated by Prank Vine, which sent all their “victims” scurrying towards the other direction without even looking back.

Watch the video:

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Did you laugh out loud or were you infuriated by it?

The video might have evidently illustrated the fact that now, some people are frightened of Muslims. And if they ever see one who is running with a huge bag like that, they’d instantly assume he or she is a terrorist. But, how would you have reacted if you were in that situation? Moreover, do you think those people would think twice about running if the man wasn’t wearing a thobe?

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this prank in the comments section.

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Philippines Wins Miss Universe After Steve Harvey Announced the Wrong Winner

Host announces wrong Miss Universe winner. Pageant mistakenly crowns wrong contestant.

Kris Evangelista



First Runner up Ariadna Gutierrez was first announced as winner by the host Steve Harvey. Just when Gutierrez was savouring her glory; smiling and waving to the crowd, Harvey quickly interrupted and apologized for his mistake.

Pia Wurtzbach was surprised and shocked when a correction was made by the host and announced Philippines as the true Miss Universe 2015. This awkward moment stole the show while the crowd was puzzled and in deep shock about Harvey’s terrible mistake.

“Listen, folks. Let me just take control over this. This is exactly what’s on the card. I will take responsibility for this. It was my mistake.” Harvey told the crowd.

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Caught On CCTV: Man Puts Poop In Box To Teach Package Thief A Lesson

This thief just got a “special” delivery!

Mark Andrew



How would you feel if your neighbors often stole packages delivered on your doorstep? I’m assuming you’d be pretty pissed off.

That is exactly how Eric, a homeowner from Las Vegas, felt but instead of reporting the act to the police, he figured he’d teach them a lesson himself.

What he did was absolutely epic – he set up a camera and made a decoy box to catch the thief. The twist here, however, is that the box did not contain any goodies but some really nasty stuff.

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Cheeky Dolphin Tries to Make a Girl Stay by Bumping His Nose Against Her Bottom!

Looks like a dolphin can get separation anxiety too!

Mika Castro



Who knew a dolphin can have separation anxiety issues too? Well given that they are some of the most intelligent animals on earth, they can be very expressive. This must be the reason why humans generally find them cute or adorable.

They are known for their peaceful nature too. They can be trained easily and are quite friendly with humans. Perhaps too friendly, that in this video one dolphin doesn't want his newfound female friend to leave just yet. He expressed this none other than by nudging the woman's behind repeatedly. The woman and the other tourists laugh away in jest at the uncommon gesture.

Watch the dolphin plea for more playtime in this video

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