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Farmer in Cambodia Breeds Mutant Pigs With Hulk-Like Muscles





Anyone who saw Netflix’s Okja knows about the story of this superpig lovingly raised by a girl in a remote village in South Korea that was supposed to be cut up for its super lean meat. The girl then set out on a rescue mission to save Okja from that fate. It turns out that Okja could be real after all and many of these kinds of mutant pigs can be found in Cambodia.

A farm in the Southeast Asian country called Duroc Cambodia, which is believed to be based in Banteay Meanchey, is breeding genetically modified (GM) pigs that look extremely muscular. Photos and videos of these animals have been uploaded on social media and many people were appalled.

This muscular mutant pig can be found in a breeding farm in Cambodia.

They also have enormous testicles protruding on their rears.

Shocking footage has shown that the GM pigs can’t walk properly due to the bulging muscles.

Animal lovers worldwide watched with disgust and were shocked by the horrors of such practice. But the company seems to be proud of the results of the genetic modification and has even offered breeding kits, including semen and artificial pen!ses, for sale.

Duroc Cambodia even posted an ad selling artificial insemination kits.

These breeding kits cost around $6.

Reports have it that the farm has been posting updates of the “double-muscled” pigs since December.

These pigs not only have difficulty in walking but they’re also kept in cages like these.

In the footage uploaded, the pigs were seen squealing as they fight each other over food. Other pigs can be seen waddling in difficulty with all that body mass. People expressed their disgust over the breeding practice that is considered cruel.

“What are you trying to show here? How much meat you can produce, or how badly these animals are treated? Whoever is looking after these should be locked up for EVER!” one netizen commented.

Genetically modifying pigs so they appear muscular is a practice done to meet the increasing demands of pork from different nations, particularly China, the largest pork market in the world.

Watch the video below.

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