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Covid-19 Protocol in the Philippines Requires Backriders to Present Proof They Are Couples

Under quarantine rules, couples need to prove they’re married or live together to allow backriding.

  • Under quarantine rules, backriding is banned in any area in the Philippines.
  • Now the government has allowed couples to ride the same motorcycle if they can prove that they are married or live together.
  • Couples must also follow minimum public health standards like mask-wearing and helmet.

In the Philippines, having two people on a motorcycle has been prohibited as a preventive measure in controlling the spread of the coronavirus. It was only this July that the government changed its policy,but with a specific condition – only married couples are allowed to ride together on a single bike.

A married couple riding along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City had to present proof of their status to the cops when they were stopped on a checkpoint. It was a practical decision for them to bring the document with them because they might get apprehended by the police if they cannot prove their marriage.

The certificate was carefully covered in plastic sheet in order to protect the document from damage.

As hassling as it is to bring a marriage certificate with them at all times, it’s definitely better than getting apprehended on the road.

Now some couples are coming up with extreme, hilarious ways to prove their marriage – such as sticking their wedding photos on their bikes.

At the moment, the government is still uncertain on how to implement the backriding policy for motorcycles. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said that backriding is also permitted for non-married couples, such as live-in partners and common-law spouses.

They have to show documents that prove they live in the same house.

They’re definitely married, no doubt!

According to Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque, “Backriding for married couples is allowed with a shield like the prototype made by Bohol Governor Arthur Yap.

The couple must also follow minimum public health standards like mask-wearing and helmet.”

Under quarantine rules, backriding is banned in any area in the Philippines. Commuters pleaded with the government to permit at least married couples or live-in partners to share the same motorcycle.


After Months of Downplaying Coronavirus, Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Tests Positive of COVID-19

He often dismissed coronavirus as “just a little flu” despite the rising number of infections and deaths in his country.

  • President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has confirmed that he has contracted coronavirus.
  • Bolsonaro and his wife were tested after he exhibited symptoms of the virus, although the latter tested negative.
  • The president has always been criticized for downplaying COVID-19, often calling it as "just a little flu."

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239 Experts Claim The Coronavirus is Airborne, Urges WHO to Admit It

Things may take an even more terrifying turn.

  • The World Health Organization is still firm in its stand that the coronavirus is spread primarily via large respiratory droplets.
  • More than 200 scientists have outlined proof that shows that smaller particles can also bring infection.
  • W.H.O. maintains that the "evidence for the virus airborne is unconvincing."

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China Reports Cases Of The Bubonic Plague That Once Wiped Out 60% Of Europe

World on alert as chiefs warn of Black Death epidemic risk.

  • Officials of Inner Mongolia are currently on high alert after receiving reports of a case of bubonic plague.
  • Bayannur City has declared alert level 3 to warn the public about the disease.
  • The Black Death pandemic claimed millions of lives from 1346 to 1353.

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