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Mom Who Lost Her Child To A Freak Accident Got A Surprise Gift From Radio DJs!





Life’s challenges come to us in unexpected ways. We may not be ready for it, or we may not even have a clue why we have to go through it, but one thing is certain: hardships are inevitable. The impact of these problems may differ depending on how an individual accepts and copes with it. Some handle their emotions well, whilst others fall even in the face of the littlest misadventures.

Mothers, we believe, are the most amazing people who can handle any problem with grace. Take Michelle for example. She lost her son due to a freak accident at work. Since the tragic lost, Michelle, who hails from Sydney, Australia had been doing everything to make ends meet whilst battling the strong emotions she’s been carrying inside. Her loved ones wanted to ease her pain in the best way they could, so they sought the help of a radio station.

In the video, Michelle was riding a car with her other kids, when suddenly the radio DJ talked about a particular mom who has been struggling. A few moments more, Michelle realized that she was the one the DJs were pertaining to, and so she started to break down.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: KIIS 1065 via Viral Nova

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