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A Kitten Was in The Brink of Falling Off a Hill. What the Mom Cat Did Will Leave You in AWE!

Moms will do anything for their little ones.

It is a given that all moms (well, most) would save her child from any danger no matter what. Little did I know that this also goes for mommy animals like the one in the video below.

In the footage, a mommy cat looked all anxious yet eager to save her kitten who is hanging near the edge of a hill. If we could only hear the mom talked, we would probably hear the words like, “Come on baby, grab my hand, you can do it!” However, the little kitten was a bit too clumsy that he fell off farther down.

WARNING: This will make you want to find your mom and hug her ASAP.

Watch how the mom saved her kitten.

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Source: ViralNova


This Family Was Having A Perfect Holiday, Then This Creature Hopped in Their Kayak

An adorable seal lion pup hopped aboard a family’s kayaking.


Rodney Gist was just paddling a kayak with his two kids near Sterns Wharf off the coast of Santa Barbara in California on Valentine’s day when got the biggest surprise of his life. An unexpected visitor, a sea lion suddenly hitched a ride with them.

Initially, Gist felt that the sea lion was pushing the kayak. Eventually, the curious creature hopped on their ride to enjoy a few moments of rest and some loving from his human friends.

Describing the experience as “absolutely incredible”, Gist told KTLA: “I could tell he was kind of playful like a dog.”...

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You will Never Believe with What He Is Holding in His Hands! It will Melt Your Heart Away!

OMG! She’s so cute.


Who would not love small dogs?  They are very adorable, easy to care for and perfect for being cuddle buddies.  Like other bigger dogs, they, too, can manifest outgoing and playful personalities.  After all, they are still dogs. Right?

Take a look at this cute little puppy in the video below.  Her name was Hope!  He was born with dwarfism and only weighed 30 grams at birth.  When the video was posted, she was the smallest dog in the world. He was introduced by Rodney Mclean from K911 Animal Ambulance, Quebec, Canada at 4 months old weighing about 11 ounces only.  According to a veterinarian, she would be lucky to reach 13 ounces.  Usually, a puppy born with dwarfism has almost 48 hours to live, but Hope defied this odds.  She was really a fighter!  No wonder why she has been given such name.

The video showed Hope being concealed by Mclean’s hands only.  But when she got out, she immediately played with a small purple ball, rolled around, and nipped at his fingers.  However, she still needed to be supervised from time to time because of her delicate situation....

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This Mom Left Her Child Alone in The Car. What Happens Next? A LIFETIME Reminder For Everyone.

No matter what happens, NEVER leave your kid alone inside the car!


In our day-to-day activities, children occupy most of our time especially those who have kids around the house--parents taking care of them full-time and some with children to babysit. What we tend to forget though in our attempt to be more productive and multitask is the great risk of leaving our children alone and unattended.

A child choking to death after accidentally swallowing her toy, a little boy who went outside the house nearly hit by a van without his parents knowing and another terrifying scene would be a kid fighting for his life after a vehicular heatstroke. Although some are not intentional, we have to realize that a few minutes that we spare from our ever curious and hyper kids could mean a lifetime of regret.

This short film is about a familiar incident that has been and still happening in reality.


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