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12 of the Most Totally Bizarre Holes in Our Planet

Although some are man-made, most of them have mysterious origins.






Some of Earth’s impressive wonders are created by humanity, though most are because of nature. From diverse landscapes to mind-blowing architectures, our world is filled with many majestic sights. And when it comes to such topics, it is a crime not to include those mysterious holes.

Today, we are going to find out one of the planet’s most thought-provoking phenomena: the largest holes in the surface. And mind you, most of us are still wondering how they existed.

#1. The Deluxe Mystery Hole

This one here remains a mystery, and no one can really explain how it came to existence. Even the most innovative and advanced methods have failed to measure its depth.

#2. The Hole of Glory

Source: Hana Clicks

Located in the beautiful Monticello Dam, the Hole of Glory seems to be a tunnel into the very depths of the planet. Apparently though, it is only meant to drain out water.

#3. Sawmill Sink

Source: Jeet Rana

Sawmill Sink is located in the Bahamas, which is, in fact, a site of archeological investigation. Somehow, it has helped scientists understand what Earth really looked like a thousand years ago.

#4. The Devil’s Sinkhole

Judging by its look, it is only right for this one to be called the Devil’s Sinkhole. Unfortunately, it is a highly forbidden area, as it poses danger. During summer, you will get to see millions of bats flying out of it.

#5. The Great Blue Hole

This hole can be found right at the center of the Lighthouse Reef in the Caribbean Sea. Originally, it formed a system of caves during the last ice age. It is actually considered as one of the world’s best places for diving.

#6. Dean’s Blue Hole

Source: JustiFly

If you go to Bahamas, be sure to check the Dean’s Blue Hole. It is deemed as the deepest blue hole in our planet. Hence it is perfect for diving enthusiasts.

#7. The Harwood Hole

Interestingly, this one is more of a cave than a hole. It is located in New Zealand and has the deepest vertical cave so far.

#8. The Mir Mine

In Russia, the Mir Mine is considered the country’s largest source of diamonds. The latter are basically extracted deep from the hole.

#9. The Udachnaya Pipe

Source: ARPOCA

Apart from the Mir Mine, Russians also obtain diamonds from the Udachnaya Pipe. It is located 20 km from the Artic Circle.

#10. The Heavenly Pit

Believe it or not, this pit was formed over 120,000 years ago. It has become a perfect destination for people who love parachuting.

#11. Bingham Canyon

This one here is an open pit copper mine in the very state of Utah, USA.

#12. The 2010 Guatemala City Sinkhole

Source: Reuters

Sometime in 2010, a 20-meter-wide pit was formed in the capital of Guatemala. Not only did it destroyed the city’s intersection, it also swallowed a three-story factory. There have been various reasons why the sinkhole formed but amongst them are the eruption of Pacaya Volcano, Tropical Storm Agatha, and the leakage from nearby sewer pipes.

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5 Mysterious Places Where Gravity Doesn’t Seem to Exist At All

You can balance on walls, stay in a tilted fashion, and pour water upwards.




The great Isaac Newton helped us understand why things fall, and he heavily explained it in his Universal Law of Gravitation. Basically, the law states that any two bodies attract each other. And this is exactly the reason why we are attached to Earth.

But while the Law of Gravitation has not changed a bit, there are actually places that seem to contradict it. It is as if gravity does not really exist in these places. Today, we are going to tell you where they are. Scroll down below and keep them in mind!

#5. Saint Ignace Mystery Spot, Michigan, USA

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Mark Lester Celozar



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Just recently, the experts have discovered yet a new reason why humans are better suited to live together as a community. However, the catch is that it’s not as positive as the previous studies.

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