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Mum Spent 3 Years Disappointed With ‘Blue’ Cabinet, Until She Peels Off Protective Film





Sometimes we buy something out of necessity but don’t really feel so strongly about the item. This is what happened to one mom who decided to purchase a cabinet although it was the wrong color. After three years with the furniture, she finally realized she had the cabinet she wanted all along.

Kayleigh Greer of Stevenage, Hertfordshire, the UK had initially bought the “blue” cabinet in 2016. The mother of three had wanted a white and grey version of the cabinet for the bedroom she shares with husband Darren. Unfortunately, the “blue” cabinet was the only one in stock so they decided to buy it. Little did they know they had the right furniture all this time.

The ‘blue’ cabinet’s real color was revealed after the protective tape was removed.

Greer stuck with the cabinet for three years. Although they noticed that the cabinet had a protective white tape on top of each drawer, the couple never tried to remove it. However, things changed when Greer decided to do some cleaning and started tinkering with the cabinet.

“I never had any suspicions the blue color was a protective film. I knew there was white tape along the top of each drawer which I thought was protection and would eventually need pulling off,” she said. “Then I was deep cleaning the bedroom the other day and I was down near the cabinet vacuuming and I thought ‘while I’m down here, I may as well finally peel off the tape’.”

“But as I started to peel, I noticed the blue film had lifted and I panicked and thought I had ruined unit. But I just kept peeling and it kept coming off. Underneath it was a really nice grey. It looks amazing.”

Greer finally peels the blue tape from the cabinet.

It’s certainly a good thing that Greer finally removed the protective film. The young mom says she is much happier with the cabinet after living with it for three years. She said:

“The bedroom is grey and silver so the cabinet actually matches it better now. It’s like we’ve got a brand new piece of furniture and we haven’t spent a penny.”

What do you think of this mother’s awesome discovery about her cabinet? Let us know in the comments below.

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