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MMA Fighter Cut 16 Pounds in Just 2 Days, Looked Terrible During Weigh-In





Just like boxers, MMA fighters have to maintain a certain weight before they can get approved for a bout. The weight will depend on the division or weight class they want to fight in. A fighter can bulk up or shed some pounds. It’s the latter that’s harder especially if you’re meeting a deadline – which is usually the weigh-ins.

Cutting weight has become a norm for fighters but there is a proper way to do it. It’s not recommended to lose a lot of weight in such a short period of time as it can actually be risky.

When it comes to dangerous weight cutting, Brazilian-Australian Daniel Lima takes the cake for having lost 16 pounds in just 2 days. Any fighter will totally feel terrible after such a massive weight loss and it definitely showed during the weigh-in for his fight with Daichi Kitakata several weeks ago.

The man couldn’t barely stand up; he had to be carried as he struggled to step on the scales.

Source: YouTube
For his frightening efforts, Daniel still missed the needed weight by two pounds.

Source: YouTube

A sensible manager or coach would have pulled him out of the scheduled match, but amazingly they still allowed him to fight.

“Since it was my first time outside Brazil and I had no experience, I thought it would be easy. It was tough, painful,” Lima said.

He admitted that he felt really bad after weighing in so promoters asked him if he would still fight, to which he said yes.

Source: YouTube

In the shape that he was in, the outcome was predictable – he lost the fight, which lasted only 15 minutes. Lima believed he did enough to actually win the first two rounds.

Others in the profession condemned Lima’s team to allow him to drop weight that way and allowing him to fight in his condition.

“Let me say it again and clearly. SHAME on his team SHAME on his coach and SHAME on the promotion. You are all a DISGRACE to our sport,” tweeted John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor’s head coach.

Fighter Dan Hooker made a scathing statement on the whole thing.

“This is exactly how people die cutting weight. His coaches and the promotion are a complete disgrace. They allowed this kid to fight yesterday,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Watch the shocking video:

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