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Miss Grand International Winner Claims Miss Universe 2018 Was A ‘Cooking Show’





Beauty queens are known for their grace and helpful nature. We always see these candidates rooting for each other, being genuinely happy for the winners, and supporting them during their reign.

However, it appears that the beauty pageant community has a lot of drama as well. In fact, one current titleholder seems to throw shade at the newly-crowned Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

Miss Grand International 2018 winner, Clara Sosa, upsets a lot of netizens after she posted something on social media that appears to imply that Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s win was a setup.

Sosa posted a photo of her, Nawat Itsaragrisil, who is thePresident of Miss Grand International, looking very happy while cooking. While the picture itself seemed harmless, the caption, however, painted a whole different story.

The Miss Grand International 2018 winner wrote, “Mabuhay !!! Real cooking show lol” she then added a laughing with tears emoji.

Although she didn’t mention the Philippines, the Miss Universe 2018 coronation night, or even Catriona Gray’s name, her caption was just too coincidental.

“Mabuhay” is a Filipino greeting, which is always used by Filipino beauty pageant contestants during the introduction. So it seems that Sosa clearly had the Philippines in mind when she wrote that up.

She also posted the photo right after the Miss Universe 2018 pageant wrapped up, so it’s hard for netizens not to think that she was throwing shade at the organization and Catriona Gray.

People, especially Filipinos, were understandably upset with Sosa’s post.

“You really can’t buy class. How cheap!”

“So unprofessional. You guys just want some attention since Philippines is slaying in the Miss U pageant. You want to get the attention of the Filipinos!”

“This is what you gonna do when your minor pageant is slowly fading… M A B U H A Y!”

“Lol what a cheap move from a cheap pageant. And of course the cheap Indonesian fans (ass-kissers) are so happy lmao”

“There’s a Miss Grand International? Wow, I just found out. LOL”

It’s no secret that Catriona Gray was one of the front-runners to win the Miss Universe 2018 title. The 24-year-old gave her best in the preliminary rounds, and she certainly delivered during the coronation night.

Watch Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s full performance here:

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