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They Decided to Transform An Old Wagon Into A House. The Result is Simply Beautiful!

Okay, I’m on my way to this cute, little house.

I’ve heard people say that it’s kind of difficult to live in small spaces. It’s like living in a matchbox – four corners and four walls, that is all you’re given. But when we’re talking about small spaces like this gypsy wagon, I can’t help but disagree.

Miramari Design, a design firm located in Prague, created the layout of this cool house. They decided to give this old wagon a dramatic make-over and to transform it into a tiny and lovely house. They were able to make the most out of this small space and build something extraordinary.

Check out these cool photos:

This wagon is called ‘Maringotka,’ a Czech word for ‘caravan.’


Photo credit: MiraMari Design
Maringotka’s floor area measures 258 square feet.


Photo credit: Miramari Design

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Young Couple Discovered a Sweet Coincidence in an Old Photograph

An old photograph brought a sweet surprise to this young couple.


The past gives us so much to remember, the best childhood memories, old dreams, old people and friends. Aside from old photographs worthy for a 'TBT', some of them also bring  little surprises or a sweet coincidence.

After posting an old elementary picture, this young couple found out something interesting and 'serendipity' like about their past.

Reddit user Evanaka1234 was making fun of his girlfriend's childhood photograph but was shocked and surprised when he noticed that blond boy sitting next to her was too familiar. Why, because it was him!...

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Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk Will Change The Way You View Cyberbullying

Just like Monica Lewinsky, everyone deserves a second chance….


Long before the age of social media, Monica Lewinsky, a woman once tagged as former President Bill Clinton’s other woman, became the first victim of online bullying.

For almost two decades, Monica chose to remain silent and disappear from the public. But with internet shaming becoming a mainstream culture not just in America but worldwide, the woman whose life was tremendously changed by this trend, decided to speak out against it.

In a monumental talk she gave for TED Talk last March in Vancouver, Monica discussed the “The Price of Shame”. The woman involved in a sex scandal with Clinton in 1998 talked about  how cyberbullying and online harassment affected her life....

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This Super Cute Rain Cloud Will Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

Rainy Pot allows your indoor plants to enjoy some “rain water.”


Not all plants get to “taste” raindrops. Case in point: indoor plants.

This is the exact reason why Jeong Seungbin, a Korean designer from DailyLife Lab, created Rainy Pot.

A wall-mounted flowerpot that comes with a cute cloud-shaped water filter, the Rainy Pot creates the illusion that your plant is getting raindrops from clouds....

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