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Company Transforms An Old Wagon Into An Awesome House





I’ve heard people say that it’s kind of difficult to live in small spaces. It’s like living in a matchbox – four corners and four walls, that is all you’re given. But when we’re talking about small spaces like this gypsy wagon, I can’t help but disagree.

Miramari Design, a design firm located in Prague, created the layout of this cool house. They decided to give this old wagon a dramatic make-over and to transform it into a tiny and lovely house. They were able to make the most out of this small space and build something extraordinary.

Check out these cool photos:

This wagon is called ‘Maringotka,’ a Czech word for ‘caravan.’


Photo credit: MiraMari Design
Maringotka’s floor area measures 258 square feet.


Photo credit: Miramari Design
Despite the small space, the interior appears roomy due to the contrasting colors and the windows placed on both opposite walls.


Photo credit: Miramari Design
The interior also boasts of a minimalist design, making the room appear clean and airy.


Photo credit: Miramari Design
Imagine waking up to this.


Photo credit: Miramari Design
The bathroom is equipped with a shower, and a wall decal of a Weimaraner to keep you company.


Photo credit: Miramari Design
Check out the floor plan of the Maringotka. Look at all that space!


Photo credit: Miramari Design


Photo credit: Miramari Design

Just looking at these photos makes me want to go and live there! Don’t you feel the same?

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