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Million of Crabs in Christmas Island Marches Back to the Jungle After Mating Season

The tide of crustaceans crawling all over the beach is so thick it can be seen from Google Earth.






Once a year, millions of baby crabs can be seen making their way to the beaches of Christmas Island during mating season. These crabs came from the ocean and are heading towards the jungle where the adult crabs live.

The march produces a sea of crimson, a sight so amazing that it has become a tourist attraction. The tide of crustaceans crawling all over the beach is so thick it can be seen from Google Earth. Just try to imagine that!

The annual mating season of the crabs attracted tourists to Christmas Island.

These crabs can be seen from Google Earth!

Wet season in Christmas Island starts in October or November. During this time, adult crabs get out of their hiding places in the jungle and head towards the beach.

Here they do their mating rituals – the male crabs dig burrows in the sand, mate with female crabs, and then march back to the jungle.

The female crabs stay in the burrows with their eggs. They put their eggs in the ocean after two to three weeks and head towards their home in the jungle.

The eggs will hatch into the ocean as larvae. After several weeks, the baby crabs who survived the ocean, millions of them, will start their own journey to meet with the adult crabs.

Beaches close down because of the sheer number of crabs invading every surface.

They made the rocks turn orange.

They can climb up the rocks to reach the jungle above.

This lone blue crab looked totally out of the place in this sea of crimson.

They kinda look like red ants heaped on top of each other.

Some crabs managed to find an faster route to the jungle.

They don’t bite!

The island closes down roads to protect the crossing baby crabs.

Street signs also warn motorists to slow down in areas known for migration.

The baby crabs are so small, hundreds can fit in your hand and don’t bite.

These baby crabs will grow up and then they will join the annual mating season migration.

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Woman Performs Surgery On A Butterfly With Broken Wings – And It Worked!

Despite having no medical expertise, she was able to perform a successful wing transplant.




Monarch butterflies are perhaps one of the most interesting species, with wings that seem to be a work of art. They can only live from two weeks to five months the most. Apparently, there was a certain butterfly on a brink of death. It basically came into this world with a defected wing.

Romy McCloskey vowed to raise three monarch butterflies, but one of these creatures had a problem on its wings. Determined he could save it, Romy turned her home into a mini operating room. She even used common household items in performing a wing transplant. Yes, that's right – a wing transplant!

What is more interesting is the fact that Romy had no medical expertise whatsoever. She was a “professional costume designer and master hand embroiderer,” though. Still, she managed to make the operation successful.

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Amazing Survival Tactics Made Frozen Alligators Survive the Winter Blast

They hate the freezing cold as much as we do.




Most creatures, human or not, will surely perish in extreme frozen conditions. Case in point, you would definitely NOT expect alligators to survive being frozen in a icy pond. Surprisingly, however, these alligators in Shalotte River Swamp Park in North Carolina did. They avoided being frozen to death, thanks to awesome survival tactics.

A video showed these alligators with their snouts sticking out of the frozen pound. They look dead at first glance, but according to the park's manager, they were actually alive and well.

A cold front surrounding most of the Eastern U.S. last week cause the pond to a deep freeze.

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Injured Dog Takes Himself to the Vet to Get Treatment

What a smart dog!

Mark Andrew



Dogs are highly intelligent creatures and you’d be surprised with what they can do. One recent incident in Thailand shows us exactly that as an injured golden retriever received popularity after he walked straight to the vet to receive treatment.

According to reports, the dog accidentally hurt his eye and he was later found at the door of the Petto Street clinic, a vet clinic in Lam Lukka, Pathum Thani. The dog’s left eye, as can be seen in the photos below, was covered in blood.

This poor golden retriever took himself to a vet clinic and got treatment.

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