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Badass Crab Wields Knife to Protect Itself from the Chef!





I bet you scratched your head in disbelief when you read the title. I did too. But holy crab…I mean, crap, it appears to be true!

This video was reportedly taken in a restaurant in Brazil. It looks like the crab was trying to protect itself from being cooked by wielding a knife and waving it at the chef, as if to say “Back off! You ain’t cookin’ me today!” The person taking the video (presumably the chef) was trying to get close to the crab, but the gutsy crustacean wards him off by waving the knife threateningly while slowly backing away.

Check out the hilarious video!

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So the next time you attempt to cook crabs for dinner, make sure you don’t let them get hold of the knife, you hear?

Source: Metro, Mashable

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