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Nurse Gets Fired By Bosses After Tagging His Friends On This Video





We’ve always been warned about being careful about what we share on Facebook. As some stories show us, irresponsible social media posts can be basis for getting fired from a job or losing a work opportunity you are applying for.

Apparently, even tagging friends on videos can actually lead you into trouble.

Source: youtube

Take it from Michael Renson, a guy who works as a nurse in Australia. In a Metro report, we learn that Renson was dismissed from employment “after he tagged his friends in a video that was being shared on Facebook after bosses deemed it sexually explicit.”

Renson tagged two of his colleagues in a video which shows an overweight woman dropping her stomach on a man’s back.

Source: youtube

He was eventually reported to the HR office of the Bendigo Health, north of Melbourne, Australia which led to him getting sacked from his work.

This, of course, wasn’t the first time that Renson got into hot water in the workplace.

In the past, he pranked one of his male colleagues by leaving a cream on his desk, making it appear like he ‘pleasured’ himself there.

Eventually, an employment hearing was held and they decided that he demonstrated an ‘appalling lack of judgement,’ pointing out that the cream prank was ‘boorish.’

In her ruling, Commissioner Bissett said:

“Mr Renson should have listened to the voice in his head that suggested Ms Keown might have been offended by the post.

“Unfortunately, he did not and the consequences for him and others are far reaching.”

As for the video in question, you can watch it here:

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Renson, who had a “long and exemplary employment record” for almost 20 years believes he has been unfairly dismissed from his job.

Well what’s your opinion on this, folks? Do you think Renson’s behavior place the hospital’s reputation in danger? Leave a comment below.

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