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This Multitalented Man Creates Sketches in Just 15 Minutes





Here’s a challenge: Can you do a work of art in just 15 minutes? This is exactly what popular Filipino comedian Michael V. did, when he created sketches in just 15 minutes.

Michael V., or Beethoven Bunagan in real life, is known for the multitude of talents that he possesses – from rapping and composing music to being a witty comedian, actor, and parodist. However, little is known about his other gift – his talent on visual arts.

As posted on his Instagram account, Michael V. does sketches of well-known personalities and landscapes, using pencils, ballpoint pens, and other media.

Meet Michael V., a multitalented Filipino actor.


Photo credit: GMA Network
He has done sketches of well-known personalities, like Paul McCartney.


He has also done a drawing of Pope Francis during the pontiff’s visit to the Philippines.


This colored sketch of the King of Pop will make you remember the Michael Jackson era


He has also sketched the legendary Bob Marley in just 15 minutes.


This wonderful rendition of the Shitennoji Temple in Osaka was done using only a pen.


Meanwhile, this video shows a 15-second time lapse of his 15-minute Jimi Hendrix sketch

Aside from these drawings, the actor also does sculptures and photography. His instagram account is also rife with comedic shorts that he himself has conceptualized.

Truly, the creativity of the human mind is amazing. What do you think of his works? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this post with your Facebook friends.

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