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This Guy Spent Years Taking Photos Of This Unbelievable ‘Small Town’





Looking at Michael Paul Smith’s photos is like turning back the hands of time. His vintage-inspired images absolutely capture the vibe of quintessential America from decades ago. The town looks visually stunning but actually, they are not what they seem to be.

Yes, the pictures carry a little surprise. There’s really something more to them than meets the eye. No doubt, you will pleasantly be amazed when you find out what they really are.

Go scroll down, look closely, and try to find out what’s so special about these vintage images:

vintage town 1

vintage town 2

vintage town 3

vintage town 4

vintage town 19

vintage town 22

vintage town 5

vintage town 9

vintage town 10

vintage town 11

Have you figured out what this little town actually is? Not yet? Okay well, click over to the next page…

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