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Lavish Princess-Style Wedding Dress Is Designed With 500,000 Crystal Stones

Straight out from a fairy tale– Swarovski heiress, Victoria Swarovski, weds in a multi-million dollar dress decorated with 500,000 crystals.


If there are modern-day fairy tales then this wedding dress is simply perfect for the princess. Decorated with 500,000 pieces of her family’s precious stones, this wedding gown, which was featured in Victoria Swarovski’s recent wedding weighs about 100 pounds (46 kilograms) and is literally blinding.

Well, the price will make everyone’s eyes bulge as well. It is tagged at $1.3 million.

This princess-inspired wedding dress is the newest addition to the works of world-renowned fashion designer Michael Cinco.

According to Bride, the gown was also partnered with a 26-foot lace-edged veil and train. It is topped with sparkly earrings and Jimmy Choo heels which is also studded with crystals.

Victoria Swarovski, 23, is a singer and heiress of the Swarovski Crystal Empire, a major producer of crystals based on Austria. Victoria married his prince charming, real-estate businessman Werner Mürz, on a lavish 3-day ceremony at the Cathedral of San Giusto in Trieste, Italy. The two dated for seven years before getting engaged.

Here are more photos of the fairy tale wedding:

Source: Splash News

Source: Splash News

Source: Splash News

Source: Splash News

Source: Splash News

But the fashion parade does not stop here. The bride later switched into two different gorgeous dresses for the wedding reception. First was a strapless white floor-length gown and the second was a deep red high-low couture dress, which was also a creation of Cinco.

Michael Cinco is a Dubai-based, Filipino fashion designer. He is famous for creating magnificent dresses for royal families in the Middle East. Among his clients in the international scene include celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Ellie Goulding, Dita Von Teese, Nicole Scherzinger, Fergie Ferguson, Tyra Banks, Brandy Norwood, Ashanti, Chris Brown and Naomi Campbell.


Klay Thompson Missed Shots In China Prove That He Is NBA’s Worst Dunk Shooter?

Klay Thompson makes headlines as he misses not just one but two dunks during his China tour with his shoe sponsor, Anta.

Klay Thompson headed straight to his "Shock the Game" tour with his shoe sponsor, Anta, in China after winning the NBA 2016 - 2017 season championship. He might wish though that he never had to after his first day of stay turned out to be a total embarrassment. The famous Splash Brother of another NBA superstar, Stephen Curry, was caught on camera trying to make a dunk – twice -- where he ended up dunking not the ball in the ring but himself on the ground.

Over the weekend, a video of Klay Thompson’s epic dunk fail started to go viral online with already over half a million views on Youtube after just a day of posting. Viewers were quick to criticize the star and took to social media sites to discuss the event.

The recording that apparently started to make a hit in China’s Weibo features Thompson making two dunks. Although his first shot can be considered a mere miscalculation, his second attempt cannot be taken as another “miss” according to commenters.

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12 Dumb Cheaters Who Got Caught in Their Own Text Messages

#4 is totally cringe-worthy!

Everybody hates cheaters and so it’s always satisfying when they get caught and they suffer the consequences of their actions. Thanks to modern technology, catching infidelity has even become easier. No need to hire a private investigator if you use a strategically-placed CCTV camera, for instance. You'll quickly have solid evidence in no time and be able to dump your partner for grounds of infidelity.

Apparently though, some cheaters are plainly too dumb that they eventually end up getting caught red-handed because of their own stupidity. Case in point, these cheaters below documented their own lascivious acts via the smartphone and, in some instances, even busted themselves by sending messages to the wrong person – such as their own spouse or their kids!

Check out this cringe-worthy compilation by Diply and see for yourself:

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The ‘Restaurant of Order Mistakes’ in Japan Only Employs Servers With Dementia

Your orders will always be a surprise.

Popup restaurants are nothing new. They are usually organized to offer limited-edition dishes or to test new concepts. The latter is what the pop-up Restaurant of Order Mistakes tried to do. Just recently, the owners did a test run of their newest idea: a restaurant with servers suffering from dementia. And it was quite a success.

The restaurant pop-up in Tokyo’s Toyosu district presents a quirky but eye-opening premise: that all the servers have dementia and will most likely get your orders wrong. Knowing this beforehand gives customers something exciting to which to look forward. With every order, you really won't know what you'll end up getting.

The Restaurant of Order Mistakes in Japan only hires serves with dementia.

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