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22 Men Who Found Weird Solutions To Serious Situations

#15 is perfect for Valentine’s day.






Men are good at solving any issues. Ingenuity surely goes a long way, and a lot of guys are definitely known for finding a solution in the weirdest yet most creative way possible.

Despite their unusual approach of fixing the problem, what matters most is that these solutions all work well. Here are 22 men who found weird ways to fix serious situations.

1. This man found another purpose for his hat.

2. He was just doing what he was told.

The girlfriend explained:

“I sent my boyfriend to pick up some concealer for me and I told him to show it to me on his hand so I could see the color. This is what he sent me.”

3. This could keep everything together.

4. When you’re too serious to win.

5. “I just had a six-inch ruler tattooed on my left forearm! A real tool permanently installed on my human suit!”

6. Dogs can be awesome cameramen if you want to film active videos like this.

7. When dropped something on the water and had to retrieve it.
8. Tool closet.

9. No sign? No problem. This table tennis racket can do just fine.
10. This would do it.
11. When the charger is 10x bigger than your phone.

12. When you can’t afford to upgrade the whole car.
13. This could fix it.

14. “I work at noisy construction sites. But the volume is enough for listening to energizing rhythms.”

15. Men’s version of a bouquet.
16. Holding your phone is too mainstream.
17. Better than a rubber ducky.

18. When you’re tired but still has a long hallway to clean.

19. When you forgot to install your favorite songs to your phone.

20. When you have a noisy neighbor and you want them to taste their own medicine.

21. Another use for a cap.

22. When the delivery guy wants your package to be safe from thieves, including you.

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