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22 Men Who Found Weird Solutions To Serious Situations

#15 is perfect for Valentine’s day.

Men are good at solving any issues. Ingenuity surely goes a long way, and a lot of guys are definitely known for finding a solution in the weirdest yet most creative way possible.

Despite their unusual approach of fixing the problem, what matters most is that these solutions all work well. Here are 22 men who found weird ways to fix serious situations.

1. Using a hat to its full potential.

2. He was just following the instructions.

The girlfriend explained:

“I sent my boyfriend to pick up some concealer for me and I told him to show it to me on his hand so I could see the color. This is what he sent me.”

3. Remember, an adhesive tape can solve any issue.

4. Even games require a scientific approach.

5. It’s vital to always have a ruler at hand when your life is connected with engineering.

He wrote:

“I just had a six inch ruler tattooed on my left forearm! A real tool permanently installed on my human suit! I have been talking about this tattoo forever. I came up with the idea maybe 12 years ago or so and yet never implemented it. But this year it finally felt like it was time to to add the utility of measurement to my body. I’m so happy with how it looks! Can’t wait to put it to use.”

6. Don’t have a buddy to film you? Just put the camera on your dog!

7. Who said you can’t walk on water?

8. When you only get one closet for your tools.

9. This guy is using a table tennis racket to control the traffic.

10. It’s functionality that true men care about most.

11. When you live in 3019.

12. When you only had enough money to upgrade half of the car.

13. When your love for music goes together with creativity.

14. “I work at noisy construction sites. But the volume is enough for listening to energizing rhythms.”

15. “Collected a bouquet of ’tulips’ for my girlfriend…”

16. A little creativity can make you the coolest guy on the train.

17. This is what a truly romantic dinner looks like.

18. Motorized cleaning troops.

19. When the best songs are only uploaded on your laptop.

20. The very moment you figure out a way to take revenge on your noisy neighbors.

21. The use of the cap is endless.

22. “This delivery guy decided to put in some extra effort to decrease the chances of my package being stolen.”


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