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14 Offensive Teacups You Can Use To Insult Your Guests With Class





They look delicate and classy and yet it’s actually a big insult when someone decides to use them to serve your beverage. These teacups are definitely not your grandmother’s old-fashioned ones – and they are not recommended for the faint of heart.

Created by Miss Havisham, these unique teacups are “for the lady who speaks her mind.” The tableware collection is indeed absolutely funny as they are vulgar – with phrases such as “Kindly f**k off,” “I could poison you,” and many others.

Melissa Johnson, the brains behind Miss Havisham, shared:

“A wise woman once told me, ‘If you got hate in your heart, you gotta let it out.

“By far, our favorite way to release it is by stewing over a scalding cup of tea.”

As for the inspiration for the project, Melissa explained:

“I’ve been an animation producer for 20 years and this was a much needed creative outlet.

“My grandmother was a (crazy) sometimes-antique dealer and I grew up in an eccentric family surrounded by lovely, but often broken, things. Every woman in my family is a Miss Havisham to some degree so I guess old and creepy imprinted on me because pretty much everything I love is chipped and discarded.”

Check out the photos below:















Mellisa furher told BoredPanda:

“I love the juxtaposition of high brow and low. Here are these delicate and prissy cups that aren’t really what they seem on the outside and neither are most of us. They have a history and they also have spunk. Context is really everything. They can be super mean I suppose but if you don’t get my sense of humor there’s really nowhere to go from there.”

Surprisingly, the most popular item in their collection is “We hate your baby.”

“No one is going to say that out loud but we’ve all thought it at one time or another. Oddly enough, that cup is particularly popular with parents which surprised me.”

If you’re interested to purchase one or a set, go check out the official Miss Havisham website or follow them at Facebook and Instagram.

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