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Ordinary Animals That Medieval Folks Completely Misunderstood





During the Medieval period, everyone didn’t have access to scientific information so people easily embraced superstitious facts and they easily believe in unbelievable things. When we look at it today, it’s crazy and sometimes hilarious to think about their mistakes and misconceptions that are widely accepted during those periods.

Well it’s not surprising, they barely have books in the past. In fact, many people back then didn’t even knew how to read. And those who were lucky enough just stayed in the same place for most of their lives because travelling before isn’t as easy compared today.

1. Weasels


Medieval people believed that weasels conceived through the mouth and gave birth through its ears. If the baby came out of the right ear, it’s a male. If it was born from the left ear, it would be a female.

2. Dogs


They believed that dogs are capable of healing their own wounds by licking them. They also believe that dogs have an amazing talent, if you bind a young dog with a patient. It would heal any internal wounds.

3. Panthers


If you’re not familiar about what a panther looks like, take a look here. People from the medieval times believed that Panthers are gentle beasts whose only enemy is the dragon.

4. Pelicans


Pelicans are believed to be terrifying impatient creatures. When their babies pecked at them, they get mad and they would strike their babies to death. But after a couple of days, the mom would peck herself until she bled. And her blood will bring the dead babies back to life. However, the most terrifying part is that, they believe pelicans eat crocodiles!

5. Ibex


If you’re not familiar with ibex, they are goat’s relatives and often called “mountain goats”. You probably seen them on TV, hopping on mountain sides, they seems unaware that a single slip would bring them death. Their spiral horns are used to fight off predators and to compete for dominance. But the people in medieval periods believed there are other purpose of the horn. They believed that if the ibex accidentally slip, it would safely land on its horn.

6. Mice


Photo credit: Medieval Codes

Experts of the medieval period believes that mice were tiny dirt balls that grew legs and tails. In fact that’s how they got their name — they got mus (mouse) from humus (dirt).

7. Beaver


Photo credit: The Medieval Bestiary

Beavers are hunted for their skin. But medieval folks didn’t care about skins, they are strangely interested in beaver’s testicles believed to be important medical ingredient to cure any kind of ailments.

8. Cuckoos


Cuckoos are believed to be extremely lazy and happy go lucky creatures. They have this weird habit to leave their eggs in the nest of another bird. Well, that part is almost true, there are birds who actually abandon their young in other bird’s nest. However, the medieval folks believe in something even more crazy, they thought Cuckoos produce cicadas with their saliva.

9. Goats


Photo credit: The Medieval Bestiary

The male goats was thought to be very lusty creatures which caused their blood to be extremely hot. So extremely hot that it would melt diamonds – the hardest natural substance in the world.

10. Bees


Just like mice, the people in medieval times believed that bees are not “born” like normal animals. They were born from the dead bodies of cattle.

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