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McDonald’s Replaces Happy Meal Toys With Roald Dahl Books To Encourage Kids To Read





We have always associated the Happy Meal with a cute plastic toy that comes in a box along with burger and fries. However, McDonald’s is changing our ideas about the fast-food chain’s most popular menu item. The toys have now been replaced with classic children’s books written by Roald Dahl.

In New Zealand, McDonald’s has swapped out the usual toys for miniature copies of Dahl’s books. The move is expected to promote reading among children instead of spending too much time on tablets and phones. In addition to that, it’s a brilliant way to introduce the amazing stories of Matilda, The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The Roald Dahl books were first offered in the UK before being introduced in McDonald’s New Zealand.

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McDonald’s New Zealand’s director of marketing Jo Mitchell explained the restaurant’s surprise move in replacing toys with books.

“The Happy Meal Readers programme is all about helping parents to get their children to enjoy reading,” Mitchell said. “The Roald Dahl characters are ones that many parents will have enjoyed growing up, and it’s great to play a part in introducing them to a new generation.”

Dahl’s works have been turned into several films. The Chocolate Factory has inspired numerous adaptations. However, the most recent film had been 2016’s The BFG which was directed and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Each book and box features special activities that will sharpen young minds.

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The new McDonald’s Happy Meal also includes activities and stickers as well as healthy food options. In addition to keeping children entertained, the books are better for the environment compared to plastic toys.

Some believe that the new Happy Meals will promote reading once kids realize the awesome power of Dahl’s books. Hopefully, children will discover new books that will keep them curious and inspire their imagination.

What do you think of the new McDonald’s Happy Meal? Would you get one of these books for your children? Let us know in the comments below.

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