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Man Invents Pasta Straws To Help Reduce Plastic Waste




  • A man named Maxim Glemann has introduced Stroodles, straws that are made of pasta.
  • These strong, flavorless, edible straws are biodegradable and they easily dissolve in cold drinks in about an hour or so.
  • The pasta straws are currently being used in some Italian bars and is now for purchase from their website.

Since plastic pollution is one of the world’s biggest environmental issues, we’re always glad to encounter new, innovative solutions to the problem. Case in point, one man came up with pasta straws in an attempt to help decrease plastic waste.

Maxim Glemann created Stroodles and people are absolutely loving it. In fact, the unique product has gone viral online and many have been praising it.

Definitely a great alternative to single-use plastic straws!

According to a National Geographic article, figures tell us that about 500 million disposable straws are used daily in the United States alone.

This, of course, is a saddening thing, considering that plastic pollutes oceans and harms marine life. Fortunately, some companies and government institutions across the world are responding to the problem by implementing straw bans in certain areas and establishments.

This is where Maxim’s Stroodles offer a fantastic solution since the pasta straws only last an hour or so in cold drinks. They also decompose overnight so they’re totally friendly to the environment.

These pasta straws are “strong, flavorless, biodegradable, edible, and zero-waste,” claims the official Stroodles website.

In an interview with LadBible, Maxim shared that he has “always really cared about the environment,” especially since he is into diving and traveling. He eventually encountered edible straws and he took inspiration from them.

Now the pasta straws are being used in some bars in Italy and customers are digging them. “People do end up snacking on them, usually after a few gin and tonics,” he said.

In case you’re interested about purchasing these fun straws, go visit the official Stroodles website.

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