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Bride Descends From The Stairs And Was Shocked To See Who Awaits To Walk Her Down The Aisle. Awww!





Brothers and sisters can sometimes pass as the ultimate mortal enemies. It is but natural for siblings to fight and all but when a radical boy and an emotional girl are put together in one family, uh-oh. Nonetheless, we believe that siblings will always love each other no matter how petty or serious their fights become, because at the end of the day, they know that they’ll always have each others’ backs no matter what.

When you are so close to a sibling and he/she decides to fly away from home and join the military, the thought is heartbreaking as there will be no crazy home bonding and all that stuff anymore. You have to survive the days without them and rely on mere video messaging and emails. But of course, we all know that nothing beats the actual presence and touch of a loved one, especially if you are that close. Overall, having family members join the military is a very tough situation to be in.

Meet Kady and her brother, who is part of the marines. We assume that they are really close as the brother flew some 6,000 miles from his work station in Japan to their home in Iowa just for Kady’s wedding. A wedding guest filmed the bride’s entrance. Halfway down the stairs, Kady let out a surprised squeak as she unexpectedly saw her brother at the bottom of the stairs, all dressed up in his uniform. The brother can’t miss his favorite girl’s wedding and so he went out of his way just to give Kady the valuable gift of his presence.

Watch the video here:

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We are so touched to see such a strong bond between siblings. They have a strong love for each other that even now that they are living their own lives, they still find (superfluous) ways to express that they will always be there for each other. Awww!

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Credits: Christine Burgett via San Francisco Globe


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