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Meet the World’s Ugliest Bird — the Scary-Looking Marabou Stork!

It’s really quite unfortunate that the Marabou Stork has always been judged because of its heart-stopping appearance.


Looks are not everything and they can be deceiving. However, appearances are often the basis of first impressions. That said, the Marabou Stork makes quite an impression. To say that it’s NOT cute would be quite an understatement. The bird is almost always judged for its frightening appearance.

The Marabou Stork has become notorious for its looks. It has earned the dubious distinction of being the world’s ugliest bird. In fact, some people say that the bird “looks like the vampire Nosferatu” or an elderly person suffering from a disfiguring disease. Those descriptions are cruel — but we can easily see where those people are coming from.

This formidable bird can grow up to 5 feet tall.

Marabou Storks are natives of Africa. They are usually found in open areas or savannas. However, they’re also known to be equally comfortable living in locations that are close to people. Aside from eating large carrion and scraps, these birds eat smaller animals. At times, they even go after other birds. Apparently, they’re known for eating flamingos.

No, it's not sick, it just woke up like this!

Apart from its unattractive appearance, though, the Marabou Stork also has a nasty habit. According to a feature by the Kruger National Park, the bird defecates all over its legs and feet which is one of their ways of regulating their body temperature. In any case, their legs are always covered in their own waste.

It inflates its throat sac when it wants to show off.

Indeed, the scary-looking bird has the ability to shock people. Although it could weigh only up to around 20 pounds, the bird has a a wingspan that could measure up to almost 10 feet. It’s definitely got the look of a horror movie monster. While scholars say that it’s generally a lazy animal, many of us would automatically think it’s out to get us — just because of the way it looks.


132-Year Old Lobster Set Free in the Ocean After Living in a Fish Tank for 2 Decades!

His owner finally “pardoned” him and released him back to the water to live out his days as a free man, I mean, crustacean.

You hear about prisoners earning their dues, getting pardoned, and then released from jail after exhibiting good behavior and all that jazz? Well, this was what this ancient lobster must have felt like when, after spending 2 decades in a fish tank, his "owner" finally "pardoned" him and released him back to the water to live out his days as a free man, I mean, crustacean.

Louie the Lobster has been one of the attractions at Peter's Clam Bar on Long Island. A fish tank served as his home for 20 years; he has become such a fixture in there that the owner Butch Yamali considered him more as a pet than the next item on the menu. Butch inherited Louie when he purchased the restaurant years ago - the lobster was part of the package.

Well, Butch loved Louie so much that he refused a customer that offered $1000 to have the lobster cooked for Father's Day.

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30 Surprisingly Weird Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Animals

I’m pretty sure you didn’t learn these in school.

We’ve learned a lot about animals way back our grade school days - from their classes and the way they live to even the hierarchy they're part of. Case in point, we know that doves and chickens come from the same class (birds), though the latter can’t fly. Or the fact that bats communicate with each other using biological sonar. Interesting, right?

While these continue to amaze us, our knowledge about animals is still too shallow. That’s because there is a lot to know about them, and you'll actually be surprised with some of them. Take for example wombats: These creatures actually have cube-shaped poop. Now that’s really interesting. Let's add this: Kiwis - contrary to popular belief - are in fact blind. They simply forage through the use of smell.

But anyway, enough with the tease and let’s get down to brass tacks. Below are some of the most wonderful – and even weirdest – facts about animals. They’re just too strange to believe!

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Largest Species of Cobra Found By Researchers In West Africa

The newly discovered species of forest cobra can grow up to 3 meters long which makes it the largest cobra in the world to date.

Somewhere off the coast of West Africa, an extremely venomous species of snake is pretty notorious for pestering the local people because of their invasive nature. Upon investigation, the researchers discovered that these invasive snakes are actually a yet to be discovered species of cobra which is only native to that island.

Initially, the experts thought that it’s just a common invasive forest cobra that got carried from Sao Tome somewhere in the Guinean Gulf. However, further studies unveiled that the native West African snake is actually a new species of cobra.

The morphological and genetic testing revealed that the forest cobra is a new species.

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