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Guy Bravely Steps Into Raging Floodwaters To Save 3-Year-Old Girl





India was recently hit by a terrible flood and a man recently made headlines after saving a 3-year-old girl from the raging waters. The heroic act has been captured on film and it has since went viral after it was shared online.

As you can see on the footage, the young girl was being swept away by the strong current but that didn’t stop our hero from stepping into danger. He quickly grabbed the child from the water and brought her to safety.

The heart-stopping moment happened in Jodhpur, India and it was captured on camera.

Source: NewsFlare

According to a LadBible article, the girl’s dad went to withdraw money from an ATM machine when it suddenly rained hard. He and his young child had to “wait under a shelter” but after an hour, continuous raining resulted to overflowing drains “turning roads into gushing streams.”

The father carried his daughter on his shoulder but she accidentally slipped and fell into the flood. He tried saving her but he was likewise swept away by the wild water.

Fortunately, our hero was there to save the day.

Source: NewsFlare

Apparently, he was standing near a shop when he saw what happened. He immediately moved to pull the young girl out of the water, not minding the possible danger.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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So far, the identities of the father, the daughter, and the stranger are not revealed in the reports but police officers pointed out that the man put the life of his daughter in danger when they went out despite the bad weather conditions.

Meanwhile, netizens are all praises for the stranger’s quick response to the dangerous situation. His selfless act is definitely proof that there are still a lot of good people out there, willing to help regardless of possible risks.

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