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Man Posts Ex-Wife’s Engagement Photos Online With Tear-Jerking Caption

His words are going viral all around the globe.






A popular quote states: “You can never ‘just be friends’ with someone you fell in love with.” If ex-lovers can’t move on as good pals, then how much more when you were married?

Marriage takes work. And sometimes, even with all that work, it still doesn’t work out. But a man from Nederland, Texas proved that despite his failed marriage with his ex-wife, friendship is still possible.

Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things two people can endure especially if they have children. Deep emotional distresses are dug up, old arguments are reignited, and people lose track of what’s really important in life.

Blake Higginbotham knew this feeling. A few years ago, he and his ex-wife had a messy divorce a few years ago. Although they hated each other at the time, they eventually realized that they should be parents to their three children and set their feelings aside.

But when Blake saw photos of his ex with a shiny new engagement ring, his heart began to pound. The reality was finally sinking in that they are officially moving forward, but one of them is holding someone else’s hand through the journey.

Blake realized that the mother of his children was going to marry another man. Without thinking twice, he shared her engagement photos online with an emotionally charged caption.

He wrote:

“This is my ex-wife. The mother of my 3 children. The woman who brought all 3 of my children into this world. We got married young, had 3 beautiful children and had a bitter divorce.”

Blake shared that their relationship became better three years after their split. He said that even though they are not together anymore, they acted as a team.

He then went on to say that the guy that his ex-wife is going to marry is a “great guy.” He Blake said that he is great with his kids and they love him very much.

He added:

“As a father, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I sincerely wish you both the best. I’m thankful for many things including yalls relationship.”

“To anyone divorced, I encourage you with all of me to try and look at this from a different angle. Just because you didn’t work out as husband and wife doesn’t mean you can’t be mom and dad.”

Blake’s post touched a lot of hearts as he became a great ex-husband to his former wife during the time it was needed the most. He also reminded everyone that just because the relationship didn’t work out, doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy for the person you once loved.

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Grandpa Volunteers And Naps With Cats At A Shelter Every Day

Literally cat napping.




The more we hustle in real life, the more we appreciate the little joys of life on the Internet. Just like this 75-year-old man quickly went viral when photos of him napping with cats at a shelter captured a lot of hearts.

When a U.S. pet sanctuary posted photos of an old man napping with a cat on their Facebook page, it had no idea how the post would make Internet warm and fuzzy. The sanctuary's founder Elizabeth Feldhausen shared a series of snaps of Terry cat napping with the rescues, and he quickly became an online sensation.

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Lonely Narwhal Finds New Family In A Pod Of Beluga Whales

Animals truly are amazing!

Nobelle Borines



Sometimes friendship can transcend age, race, or even species. A lonely narwhal that lost its way has found a new family. The poor juvenile has found amazing friends in a pod of beluga whales.

The unusual family has been spotted in Quebec's St. Lawrence River. This is certainly surprising since narwhals usually live in the Arctic. Although it is unclear how the lonely creature ended up in Canadian waters, it is great to see that he has already made some great friends.

One of these beluga whales is actually a narwhal!

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Filipino Boy Without Arms Who Wants To Be A Builder Inspires Others

This boy inspires us to work hard for our dreams despite obstacles and shortcomings.

Angela Beltran



Most people complain about the slightest shortcomings or mishaps in their lives - the traffic jam, the strong rains, or the lack of money. Some, on the other hand, look at the positive side of life, just like a young Filipino boy who has no arms.

Instead of complaining about his disability, he strives to live normally - attending school, playing with friends, and doing his hobby, carpentry.

Meet Niño Dayon from the Philippines.

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