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Man Naruto Runs Behind Reporter At Area 51




  • Storm Area 51 is in full swing and the first guy to Naruto Run at the military base has been spotted.
  • The man was seen Naruto running behind a reporter who is covering Alienstock, the festival set to tie in with the raid.
  • The event has since had a disappointing turn out with only over 100 people in attendance.

September 20 is truly an important day, thanks to the Facebook event known as “Storm Area 51”. People have already flocked to the location for Alienstock and the first Naruto runner has been spotted behind a reporter covering the event.

KTNV is covering Alienstock, the alien-theme festival that was set to coincide with Storm Area 51 in Rachel, Nevada. News reporter Joe Bartels was reporting about the location where a few campers have shown up for the festival. It didn’t look like there were a lot of people at the event just yet but the report had a surprise at the end. Just as Bartels signed off, a lone man is shown doing the Naruto Run behind the reporter.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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The Storm Area 51 event originally called on people to raid the infamous government facility, stating that “if we naruto run, we can move faster than [the security’s] bullets.” Although the event has since been cancelled, the festival pushed through at Rachel.

The original Storm Area 51 event was scheduled on September 20 and had thousands of alien enthusiasts promising to attend. However, Matty Roberts, who started the event as a joke, has cancelled it and claimed that he shouldn’t be held responsible for any casualties if people actually attempt tried to look for aliens at the military base.

Look at him go!

In the end, the raid had a disappointing turnout with only over a hundred people arriving at the festival. In addition to that, one person has been arrested. Not for trying to smuggle aliens out of the base, but for public urination. Although some attendees approached the Area 51 gate, they peacefully went back to the festival after a few minutes.

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