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Man Immediately Regrets Trying to Pet a Massive Anaconda He Found in His Kitchen!





Unless you’re into ophidiophilia, I don’t think you’d consider cuddling a serpent. Most ordinary people would run in fear at the sight of the slithering reptile. Only the brave (or the foolish) would attempt to get near an ophidian from the wild—let alone try to pet it— regardless of how small it is.

In the video below, a man whose identity was not disclosed found a snake in his house. But it was not just an ordinary serpent—it was a huge, black anaconda, and it was coiled up on his kitchen floor!

The guy must have felt shocked and also fascinated at the same time, so he approached the massive, limbless, creature. After showing his hand on the camera, he then placed it on the snake’s resting body. Guess what happened next?

Watch the video:

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Anacondas are native to the Amazon jungles of South America. These semi-aquatic reptiles prey on fish, ducks, and turtles as well as frogs and toads.

Four known types of this particular species exist, namely the green anaconda, the yellow or Paraguayan anaconda, the dark-spotted anaconda, and the Beni or Bolivian anaconda.

The green anaconda is said to be the heaviest snake in the world, and it is also the longest. On average, females can grow up to 15 feet while the male can grow up to at least nine feet. However, many credible publications have verified that it could reach a length of 29 or 30 feet.

Like most snakes, they avoid humans as much as possible. But they will inflict severe bites to defend themselves when they’re disturbed. Fortunately for the guy in the footage, anacondas are not venomous. They kill their prey by constriction.

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