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Husband Found A Heartwarming Note From His Late Wife Days After She Passed Away.

This man received the sweetest memory from his departed wife.


Nothing could hurt more than losing a loved one. ‘Saudade’ or that deep longing and grief you feel, more so if it is the same person you vowed to spend the rest of your life with. But like how a favorite quote goes,”death doesn’t put an end to love.” And this beautiful story depicts how love endures even after death.

In his moments of grief from the passing of his wife Billie, James Breland from Mississippi discovered a heartwarming gift that brought him solace, hope and love. Tucked in between the pages of a checkbook, a special note from his late wife was found days after her death.

A picture of a happy couple. James and Billie have been married for over 60 years until the latter passed away.


Here is a photo of the note their grandson Cliff Sims posted on Facebook.


“Please don’t cry because I died! Smile because I lived! Know that I’m in a happy place! Know that we will meet again! I will see you there!,” the note said.

Being a journalist in Alabama, Cliff decided to write about it for Yellowhammer News too. The article included his fond memories of ‘Mimi’ or his late grandmother–all the happy, sad and sweet moments he witnessed and reminded him of her.

James and Billie on their wedding day in 1954.


Cliff shared that Billie would frequently leave notes around the house, usually to remind her about funny moments and things that happened.


“All in the perfect cursive handwriting that could only belong to a school teacher,” he added.

He also mentioned about the night he ‘received a call informing him that his Mimi passed away’ (at the age of 83). “She was still in good health until she had a bad fall and never fully recovered,” he recalled.

And his grandfather stayed by her side until the night she died.


“I’ll never forget the look in my granddad’s eyes when he showed the rest of our family the note — some tears, but a lot of smiles, too,” Cliff told The Huffington Post.

“Perfectly sums up the hope and comfort that comes with knowing you’ll meet again in eternity,” he added, referring to the note.

Such a joy to know that stories like this one still exists. Never gets old.


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