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Man Builds Mini Camper Home Powered By A Cheap Bicycle

Its stealthy, its inexpensive, its tiny – and you can power it yourself!


Nearly anyone who’s suffered through expensive rentals and the high cost of living in prime cities appreciates going down to the basics and living small as opposed to living large.

Tiny homes, mobile homes, and micro apartments have taken center stage in the last few years as people attempt to consciously downgrade their lifestyles to afford living in the cities they choose.

One man has gone a step further and built a mini camper home that’s unobtrusive as it is mobile. And its powered by a most unusual source:

A cheap bicycle!

stealth camper 1

Paul Elkins, an ardent DIY-er and green activist built his “stealth” camper out of pine boards, duct tape, screws and zip ties. Not only is it one of the most compact campers ever seen this side of the tiny homes revolution, its also powered by bike.

Resembling a doghouse in the most literal sense of the word, the “stealth” camper comes complete with a bed, a sink, shelves, stove, LED lighting, a counter, clothes storage, and even a skylight.

stealth camper 3

Source: Paul Elkins

stealth camper 5

Source: Paul Elkins

Powered by a $20 bicycle, the whole thing, made out of scavenged Coroplast from old political signs cost Paul only a total of $150 to build!

The mini camper home is made even more economical by the fact that Paul doesn’t even have to shell out money for car or home insurance since his whole 60-pound dwelling is pulled by bicycle.

This puts maximum savings in a whole new light.

stealth camper 4

Source: Paul Elkins

Even better, the insulated “stealth” camper is perfect to use as an evacuation home in case of emergencies, like storms, earthquake, flooding, fires, and other similar catastrophes.

The lightweight mobile home also allows Paul to travel on solo trips all over the country.

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For tiny and micro-home purists, Paul Elkins’ mini “stealth” camper is the be-all and end-all of mobile homes everywhere.

H/T: Do It Yourself RV


5 Ways to Avoid Headaches on Planes

Kiss your aviation headache goodbye with these simple steps.

The last thing you would ever want while traveling is a really bad headache. Also called “aviation headache,” this is caused by the change in altitudes as the airplane ascends or descends. It’s bad enough that you had to go through a “headache” dealing with long security lines, or connection delays at the airport so to have a real headache is never welcome.

Aviation headache happens because of the inflammation of the paranasal sinusitis cavities that. This is caused by the difference in air pressure in and out of the body. To avoid or at least lessen the severity of this type of headache, do the following:

1. Take ibuprofen prior to your flight

1. Take ibuprofen prior to your flight

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Learn. Survive.

Movies such as The Martian, Cast Away, and The Grey are just three of the best survival films since 2000. They represent what we human beings are capable of doing once we’re pushed to our limits. With very limited or no resources on hand, the characters were able to find a way to survive the most hostile environment.

Most of us wonder how we’d survive if we were in their shoes. I mean, can an ordinary person think of half of the things those protagonists thought of to make it through? Of course, it was just the movies, but some films were based on real events, right?

Fortunately, there are people like Tom McElroy whose passion and career involves teaching real survival skills.

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Siblings Carlos and Camino Alonso decide that they need to move their extended family into a new home and they thought that a country residence would be appropriate.

They found a stable somewhere in rural Spain, but it was in such a bad condition. The abandoned stable was located on top of a hill and access to the city is hard enough. Not to mention, the electrical grid is far away from it.

Carlos says that both of them live in the city but they grew up in a countryside, which makes the stable appealing to them.

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