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These Lovable Miniature Cows Make Charming Pets




  • A specialty mini-cow breeder in Colorado thinks that these animals are easy to take care of as pets.
  • An author also said that these mini cows need to be loved and respected, like other animals.
  • These small cows cost almost $2,000.

If you are toying about the idea of adopting a pet, you may want to consider getting a mini cow. Apparently, a specialty mini-cow breeder in Colorado named Lovable Little Ones said that cows can make great pets as they show “a great deal of affection, are very social, and are easy to take care of,” contrary to the usual notion of cows – smelly, loud, and big.

The author of the book “The Secret Life of Cows,” Rosamund Young, also supports this idea. In fact, Young said in a BBC interview that cows are different and that they need to gain respect as well.

“As many differences as us, quite probably,” said Young.

The author went on to say that there are cows that are sweet, some are shy and aloof, and others are also bossy. Cows could also be smart or the other way around.

Now, if you are interested in having a miniature cow soon, then there are some information that you need to know.

For example, they could be one-third or one-half of the size of the standard breed of cow. Quite a few farmers also keep mini cows more for their dairy products than their meat. In fact, these cows have the capacity to produce about 1 gallon of milk every milking, according to a TheHeartySoul report.

In addition, this breed of cow is more feed efficient as compared with the full-sized ones. Compared with the food full-sized cows consume, these miniature animals eat around 25 to 30 percent less food. As a result, they also have less waste coming out, which is advantageous in terms of waste disposal.

On top of that, these “adorable” mini ones need less pasture land.

For some, they are deemed therapy animals as they are gentle, especially with small kids.

Note that there exist 26 recognized breeds to pick from, according to Big Picture Agriculture.

When you are really fascinated with the idea of getting one for your family, then you have to know that the cost of a miniature cow is $1,800. And yes, while they are known for being fluffy and unaggressive, it is still prudent to take some measures as accidents may happen.

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