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Woman Organised A Cute Birthday Party For Her Beloved Cat





There are different types of pet owners. There are the normal ones who give only the essentials — adequate food, water, time, the works.

But sometimes, there are those who exert far more effort than anyone else — those who think of their pets as their life partner, their sister or brother, a part of the family. Take for example this Chinese lady named Sammi whose YouTube page contains nothing but cats.

In one of her videos, one of her cat named Lolita celebrated its birthday. Although the video was taken a few years back, we can’t help but share it.

The birthday party was not that lavish, but it certainly is not your usual birthday party for cats. The felines were seated in a cute, little table, with Lolita the cat in the middle. Lolita was wearing a Hello City party hat and was looking intently at its birthday treat, complete with candle.

The entire setup was too cute, but there was a point when I had to cringe a bit.

Watch the video here:

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