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9 Signs That Warn You About Liver Problem





One thing people sometimes forget about staying healthy is that it isn’t merely all about hitting the gym, getting ample rest, and eating a balanced diet. While all factors can definitely help, it is also important to pay attention to the little details – like when your body starts showing warning signs that you’re not actually okay.

These subtle signs can be easy to ignore but if you pay attention, you bet it will be good for your overall well-being. Allow us to share with you 9 warning signs that may inform you of a liver problem.

#1. Yellowish eyes

According to Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. KV Narayanan Menon, medical director of liver transplantation:

“Yellow eyes are a sign your liver isn’t doing very well and is probably the most specific sign of liver disease.”

This is because liver breaks down a yellow pigment called bilirubin so it can be excreted by the body in the stool. However, the liver fails to do that if it has issues and this will result to yellowish eyes.

#2. Fluid in the stomach

Fluid build up in the belly may mean more than ordinary bloating. Ascites refers to fluid accumulation in the stomach and is often caused by liver cirrhosis.

“Increased pressure within the blood vessels around the liver can lead to fluid buildup in the abdomen,” Dr. Menon explained.

To find out if you’re stomach is bloated from fluid, food, or gas, go consult a doctor.

#3. Hepatitis A, B, or C

Source: healthprep

Hepatitis virus targets the liver so you really have to be careful. Experts tell us that people can acquire hepatitis A through direct contact to a contaminated patient’s feces or by consuming compromised drink and food. Meanwhile, B and C are often transmitted through blood, sex, and contact with bodily fluids.

Dr. Menon assured:

“There are some really good treatments out there if you have hepatitis C, so people should get tested.”

#4. Constant itch

Source: cleancult

Another clue of a bad liver is when you’re always feeling itchy. Although medical experts are not sure why, Dr. Menon explains its probably “related to bile salt” which is a liver-produced substance that helps in digestion. Individuals with primary bilary cirrhosis experience bile build up which can manifest in bodily itches.

#5. Frequent fatigue

Source: pexels

Yes, even constant tiredness can be a warning sign that you have a liver disease.

#6. Alcoholism

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Of course, we all know that excessive drinking leads to health problems. Alcohol causes liver damage and eventually, liver disease so you better quit your booze habit before you regret it.

#7. Obesity

Here’s another reason to check and maintain your weight since in many instances, a liver problem could also develop with fat build up.

#8. Family history

Source: pexels

“A small class of liver diseases are hereditary, so if you think there have been family members who died of liver disease or liver cancer, bring it up to your doctor so they can look into it further,” Dr. Menon pointed out.

#9 Forgetfulness

Although forgetfulness is normal for most people, you have to be cautious if you’re often misplacing things and are often confused. When the liver isn’t doing its job well, it can cause hepatic encephalopathy. This is particularly observed among patients suffereing from cirrhosis.

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