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This Artist Can Make You ‘Disappear’ In The Landscape.





Art is like beauty in such a way that people have different opinions and perceptions about what it is. What some think of as a form of ‘art’ may not be ‘art’ for somebody else. From engravings and drawings set in stone during the prehistoric period, to the modern and contemporary art today where Video, Assemblage, and Graffiti  have been considered art forms- art has definitely evolved. But regardless of the artist’s style and medium, art is meant to allow the artist to express and convey their message to the audience.

Natalie Flectcher found her passion in body painting. Her work is so amazing that you’ll think it’s photoshopped! The talented artist has mastered this art form and was able to produce numerous portraits, including The Great Outdoors, Lost in The Landscape, and The Water’s Edge series.

These 12 pictures below showcase her talent. You’ll have to look closely to see where the body of the models end and the landscape begins!


number 12

Photo credit: Natalie Fletcher

number 11

Photo credit: Natalie Fletcher
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