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78-Year-Old Woman Maintains Good Health By Eating Sand





If eating sand is good for the body, I would like to start now. Imagine the medical bills I will save in the future!

Kusma Vati, a 78-year old woman from India, credits eating sand as the reason behind her excellent health.

She’s been ingesting sand for the last six decades, spending hours searching for sand and gravel to fuel her unusual diet. If there’s no sand available, she simply nibbles on the walls of her own house to satisfy her craving.

Needless to say, the people who are aware of her crazy diet are stunned with this.

But Vati claims that she has never felt sick because of this eating habit. Her grandchildren are begging her to give it up, fearing for her health.

Vati, who works as a farm laborer, explains:

“My grandchildren insist I get medical help to get rid of this addiction but I see no need for it.
I am healthy and fit all thanks to sand which is or rather was the secret to my well-being.

“I have been eating sand and gravel for around 63 years now, I love eating them and I don’t think they have any harmful effects.

“I haven’t suffered any problems in my stomach and mouth and my teeth are absolutely fine- if anything it’s made them tougher. I can bite into the hardest stone without a problem.”

She also adds that her diet is the reason why she has never seen a doctor.

She says:

“I have never seen a doctor because there has just been no need, for as long as I can remember I’ve felt perfectly fine.

“I started eating sand at the age of 15 and I had a bad stomach ache but that didn’t last long and now it feels like all this is very normal to me.

“I feel as though the minerals in the sand give me the energy to work in the crop fields.”

Watch the video to see her in action:

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