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Fans React After Kristen Stewart Gets Cast As Princess Diana for Upcoming Film

Can she portray the Princess of Wales? Some fans are in doubt!

  • Hollywood star Kristen Stewart has officially been cast as Princess Diana for an upcoming movie.
  • Royal fans, however, are not happy about it saying the actress is a “terrible choice.”
  • Director Pablo Larrain defended that Stewart has everything it takes to be a “strong lead.”

An upcoming movie about the rocky marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana has recently been confirmed by film producers. Along with the news, it has also been announced that 30-year-old actress Kristen Stewart will be playing the role of the iconic Princess of Wales.

The controversial casting choice has since gained a lot of reaction from fans and judging from the tweets and comments we’ve seen so far, it looks like many aren’t exactly happy about it.

Can Hollywood star Kristen Stewart portray Princess Diana? Some netizens are in doubt.

Fans mercilessly bashed the casting, with some saying Stewart will find it challenging to depict the charm and grace of the beloved princess.

On Twitter, one user wrote:

“I’m sorry Kristen. While she is a good actress, she simply isn’t the right fit for this role.”

“Princess Diana must be rolling in her grave right now,” another fan wrote.

Others even said the idea is laughable, while someone wanted to call for a petition to convince the filmmakers to change their minds.

From Bella Swan to Lady Di.

The ‘Spencer’ film will begin shooting in early 2021 and will be under the direction of Pablo Larrain, who has expressed full confidence in Stewart’s capabilities as an actress.

Larrain said:

“Kristen can be many things, and she can be very mysterious and very fragile an ultimately very strong as well, which is what we need.

“As a filmmaker, when you have someone who can hold such a weight, dramatic and narrative weight just with her eyes, then you have the strong lead who can deliver what we are looking for.”

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