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Korean Artist Beautifully Depicts The Wonderful Feeling of Being In Love

This Korean artist sure knows how to draw mundane yet intimate moments.


Although it is merely a four-letter word, love is a feeling that can actually hard to describe. Not to sound too cheesy but once found and felt, love not only changes you but even the world around you. It inspires you and makes the difficult world seem much more bearable, despite the challenges.

Artist Hyocheon Jeong, who hails from South Korea, recently received a lot of praise on the internet after posting wonderful depictions of romance over at Instagram. The 27-year-old illustrator, who hails from South Korea, enjoys drawing couples in cozy yet intimate moments.

Many netizens have expressed admiration for her work not only for her obvious drawing skills but also for her choice of colors, which perfectly complements and sets the mood for every piece.

Check out Hyocheon Jeong’s romantic artworks below:

#1. Spending time together after watching a show.

#2. It’s always a great feeling sleeping in your arms.

#3. Simple yet romantic dinner at home.

#4. Rainy days are fun as long as you’re here.

#5. Warm morning embrace.

#6. Watching the night sky.

#7. Kisses on the shoulder are the best.

#8. Mundane but romantic.

#9. Christmas romance.

#10. Dancing at home.

#11. Getting intimate.

#12. Waiting for the post-credits scene.

#13. Holidays are awesome when spent together.

#14. The rain only adds to the romantic vibe.

#15. Good morning, love!

#16. Having breakfast.

#17. I’ll keep your hands warm.

#18. Kissing in the rain.

#19. Sharing music together on a winter night.

#20. Bubble bath.

#21. Stargazing is when I look into your eyes.

#22. Spending time together in the world’s most romantic city.

#23. Elevator selfie.

#24. Falling In love under the stars.

#25. The perfect getaway.

#26. Doing home chores together.

#27. Date night.

#28. Our favorite dessert.

#29. Under Sakuras…

#30. Rainy days are here again.

In a recent BoredPanda feature, the artist shared:

“The sources of my inspiration are always stories of people. Most of them are the stories of me and my boyfriend. I also get my ideas from the conversation with my friends.”

Well, we’re definitely impressed with her work. In fact, we’re big fans now after looking at all these images.

In case you also want to check out more of her stuff, go visit her at Grafolio or follow her at Instagram.


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