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Internet Mogul Kim DotCom Creates The Most Expensive Music Video Ever Made!

The video surpassed Michael and Janet Jackson’s $7 million ‘Scream’ video!


Living the good life seems like the ultimate dream of all. We all want to own mansions, luxury cars and be able to travel as we pleased. Unfortunately, it is very hard to achieve that. So for people who were able to do so, especially those who were not really born rich, we salute you!

One filthy rich man we know is Kim Dotcom. If you have not heard of him, he is a 41-year-old German-born based in New Zealand, who founded the now-defunct Megaupload. In his Twitter account, he is described as “Entrepreneur. Innovator. Gamer. Artist. Internet Freedom Fighter & Father of 5.”

He is an example of a person now living the good life. He loves yachts, speedboats, big houses and jet skiing. You get the picture.

While he has not yet traveled to the United States, he has been targeted by the U.S. government in the past due to numerous charges such as copyright infringement and money laundering, among others.

In January 2012, New Zealand authorities raided his house in Auckland and took Kim into custody because of the U.S. charges. He rejected all the accusations and continued to fight.

While it may look like the raid has become his ultimate nightmare, that is not the case. In fact, he celebrates the anniversary of that incident since then. For the January 2016 anniversary, he made the most expensive music video ever made.

The video is said to cost a whopping $24 million. Such price tag clearly surpassed previous record-holders Michael and Janet Jackson, whose “Scream” video cost $7 million.

The video is totally rad, with lots of luxurious things all people wish to enjoy. The YouTube description reads:

“A fat kid and school dropout from a poor family made his dreams come true. You can do it too.”

Watch the video here:

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Kim really is living the good life. It is amazing how simple people with big dreams succeed. All of us can too, we just have to have faith and work hard, just like Kim.

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Source: mpora, MrKimDotcom 


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