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Funny Christmas Video Shows Kids Telling The Christmas Story In Their Own Words

I didn’t know Mary was doing the laundry when the angel came to visit – and that the wise men gave Jesus “gold, Frankenstein, and myrrh.”


We’re all familiar with the Christmas story and we can probably tell it from memory, if we’re asked to do so. You know, Mary was visited by an angel, she and her husband-to-be Joseph went to Bethlehem, and that’s where she eventually gave birth to the baby Jesus.

However, most of us are probably unaware that Mary was actually doing her laundry before the angelic visitation happened. Or that the wise men gave young Jesus some “gold, Frankenstein, and Myrrh.”

We bet you didn’t know that!

Well, that is, at least, what a group kids tell us in this funny Christmas video produced by the Southland Christian Church.

Purely unscripted, the crew simply asked the children to share the Christmas story using their own words and things just naturally took a hilarious turn from there.

One child said:

“She was just doing laundry and then the angel just appeared and she was really scared.”

What made the video funnier, of course, was that adult actors dressed as biblical characters and animals were shown to reenact the tale based on the kids’ versions.

Hanna Wahlbrink, creative director at Southland Christian Church, shared:

“We didn’t ask them to say anything specific. We really wanted the kids to take the lead.”

Video producer Neil Gregory added:

“We really didn’t want to script it because we knew the kids would give us better sound bites than anything we could come up with on our own. And they did.”

Watch the hilarious viral video here:

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Originally produced for Christmas Eve of 2015, the video has once again taken new life on the internet, thanks to the numerous views and shares it recently enjoyed via social media.

In an interview with Whalbrink expressed gratitude for all the appreciation the Church has received because of the video. According to her, people from United States to Canada to Australia have gotten in touch with them, telling them how it made them smile. This was despite their different religious affiliations.

As Gregory also mentioned:

“When you put something together like this, you never think it will go beyond your church. But it’s really encouraging to see what’s happening and how many people are enjoying the video.”


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