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3-Year-Old and 5-Year Old Kids “Steal” Family Car So They Can Visit Grandma





If you’re like most of us, the only time you may have committed crimes in your life was when you were playing the Grand Theft Auto games.

We’ll, we’ve all got nothing against these badass pint-sized crooks who stole a car and crashed it.

According to a report by the Federal Way Police Department in the state of Washington, two children – ages 5 years old and 3 years old –’stole’ their family SUV and then crashed it into the side of a Volvo.

Why did these little kids do the act in the first place? Well, they apparently wanted to see their grandma.

Their mother was blissfully sleeping and somehow, they managed to get the car keys and get inside the vehicle. The duo even figured out how to start the engine and they were able to drive the Ford to a nearby intersection. Their trip appeared to be short-lived, however, after they bumped into a 4-door sedan.

Two kids, ages 3 and 5 years old, ‘stole’ their mother’s SUV so they can visit their grandma. They eventually collided with a Volvo.


Fortunately, the children weren’t hurt. The driver of the Volvo, however, sustained minor cuts and bruises.

In an interview with KOMO-TV, neighbor Annmarie Warren described the crashing sound was akin to “an explosion.” She took hold of the children and asked them for their mother. One of the kids answered she was sleeping at home and that they took the vehicle because they wanted to go to “grandma’s house.”

Watch the video report here:

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Personally, I’m just glad none of the kids were hurt. This story, however, should be a reminder for all parents to watch over their children all the time.

And yep, don’t leave your car keys within your kids’ easy reach.

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