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20 Kids Who Explicitly Expressed That They Did Not Want a Sibling





Having a sibling is one of the best things that can ever happen to anyone. You’ll have an instant teasing, travel, eating, drinking buddy, all rolled into one. However, not everyone seems to enjoy having to share the love and attention from their parents. Apparently, some kids look at it as if the whole world has gone against them once they have learned that another baby is on the way.

Some children may struggle with the idea of having a brother or a sister during the early years of their lives. The thing is, some of them don’t even try to hide their dislike for their siblings. And, the way these kids show their utter disappointment and disgust are just absolutely hilarious!

From crying non-stop to giving the newborn the dirty finger, we just couldn’t help laughing out loud at these kids’ antics. Just imagine the parents’ reactions when these photos were snapped!

Check out the photos below:

1. Puppy > Baby Brother

Source: boredpanda
2. This perfectly written pregnancy announcement

Source: imgur
3. When you realize you’re now the middle child.

4. “You little s**t. Just wait ’til I get you alone.”

5. That face says everything.

6. You stole my throne. You stole my throooooone!

7. When reality sinks in…

Source: Reddit
8. When this little boy meets his sibling for the first time ever.

9. “Mom… what did you just bring home???”

10. “Honey, the toddler is painting the baby. Should I take the pen?” – “Nevermind, take a picture!”

Source: boredpanda
11. “So, is this how you hold it?”

Source: sho3/ Reddit
12. “Why a boy mum? Whhyy?”

13. That all too familiar blank stare.

14. This kid doesn’t look very pleased.

Source: boredpanda
15. This kid, too.

16. And most definitely not this one.

17. When your kid is disappointed because you’re pregnant.

18. Unimpressed kid looks utterly unimpressed.

Source: boredpanda
19. “I told you I wanted a playstation!”

20. This kid’s precious reaction when the news was revealed to him.

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