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Traffic Enforcer Kicks The Severed Head Of A Road Accident Victim Like a Soccer Ball

Traffic Enforcer has a lot of explaining to do after what he did to the road accident victim’s head

Ivan Menchavez





A traffic enforcer in the Philippines is under fire over the Internet after he was seen in the video kicking a man’s severed head following a gruesome accident in the street of Manila.

A couple of days ago, a horrific scene was witnessed by many people in the busy street of Shaw Boulevard in the Philippines after a delivery truck allegedly had a brake failure.

Brake failure is one of the top causes of accidents involving trucks in Manila

accident philippines 1

The impact was so strong the speeding truck caught fire. The shocking footage was immediately posted online and caught the attention of netizens around the world. Body parts were scattered all over the place while the lifeless body of a headless man lies in the middle of the road.

The truck allegedly lost its break and bumped into the motorcycle dragging it under.

accident philippines

After the accident, the scene was surrounded by a lot of people who took videos and pictures.

The authorities immediately secured the area from bystanders.

accident philippines4

What sparked the ire of so many people was when they noticed one officer kicked the severed head of the victim in an attempt to clear the lane for other vehicles to pass. As if it wasn’t bad enough to die in such a morbid way.

One of the authorities was caught on video kicking the severed head of the victim.

accident philippines9

It was certainly beyond disturbing and one can only imagine the horror the family of the victim had to go through. There has been no official comment provided by the authorities with regard to the kicking incident.

A lot of people expressed their disgust towards the officer’s unprofessional conduct.

accident philippines 5

You can only imagine the victim’s family waiting at home on that day without knowing about the tragic accident.

Watch the viral video:

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Twerking Miley Cyrus Got Nothing On This Mother In Labor

This mother’s twerking through her labor has captivated the heart of Facebook.

Ivan Menchavez



All women who have gone through labor can attest that it is the most painful experience they have to go through in their entire life. However, a woman from New Zealand named, Ambz Shi Murphy, dances her way through labor. She made it appear easy, as if it was just a walk in the park.

According to Buzzfeed, the crazy scene was videotaped in the labor room at the Waikato Hospital and as soon as it was posted online, it went viral. The video has been viewed over a million times and shared 10,000 times. Murphy could not even believe it, but she is happy with the people’s reception of the video.

Twerking will never be the same again


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15 Funniest and Most Creative Epitaphs EVER

“He loved bacon!”

Mika Castro



Epitaphs are like the last message our deceased loved ones leave us. It can also be the other way around, such as the words and messages we want to convey to them as they rest in peace. There are those common epitaph messages such as "You shall be dearly missed" or "In God's time we shall meet again" etc.. and perhaps reading these lines when we visit their resting place brings solace or comfort.

But then there are those epitaph messages that instead of giving the visitor peace and solemnity, it might illicit laughter or curiosity instead! See for yourself actual tombstones with the funniest messages, and even the most creative decorations!

John must have been really loved by his friends! Look at that lovely message.

JOhn must have been really loved by his friends! Look at that lovely message.

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14-Year-Old Boy Nearly Dies Playing ‘Duct Tape’ Challenge

He probably thought it was just a harmless game until he almost died because of it.

Ann Moises



Neknominations, fire challenge, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, salt and ice challenge, cinnamon challenge, hot water challenge, hot pepper challenge, the choking game---

These are some of the most preposterous, extremely dangerous, yet highly popular fatuous games that have made rounds on social media.

Another internet craze that has recently gone viral is the "duct tape" challenge. A report says that this fad actually started in 2014, although it became more popular in 2015.

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