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Marvel’s Kevin Feige Admits He Has “Ideas” for X-Men and Avengers Crossover

Make it happen, Marvel… Make it happen!

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There’s no doubt about it: Marvel Studios is definitely the king of the box office for 10 years now. They’ve been releasing one hit movie after the other since 2008 when they launched Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr.

Fans and critics have received their movies well and if there’s one thing everyone’s been dreaming about, it’s probably a crossover between the Avengers and the X-Men. This, of course, seemed to remain nothing but fan fantasy since 20th Century Fox owns the rights to the X-Men film franchise – until very recently.

The good news is that Disney is already in a bid to acquire Fox. If that happens, it will mean that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will finally be able to use X-Men and Fantastic Four characters in their movies.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige admits he has “dreams” and “ideas” for an Avengers/X-Men crossover.

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In a Los Angeles Daily interview, the baseball-cap-wearing Marvel mastermind was asked about incorporating Fox-owned properties into the MCU.

Although he says there are no concrete plans as of the moment, he admits he has ideas in mind as early as now.

Fox shareholders are expected to vote on Disney’s $71.3 billion offer very soon.

Fiege said:

“Not until we’re given the word. I have vague dreams and vague ideas. But right now, bringing to life the 10,000-plus characters that Marvel fully controls is what the gameplan is.”

Marvel’s strength relies on carefully planning its movies ahead of schedule, Feige said.

He shared:

“We schedule our movies very purposefully. And two-and-a-half months after Infinity War – which we had a feeling would leave people reeling with the events at the end of that film – we needed an antidote [with Ant-Man and the Wasp].

“We needed another reminder that Marvel Studios makes all kinds of movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe can have all kinds of tones.”

Marvel is currently working on finishing Captain Marvel and after that, Feige and crew will be busy “(getting) the next Spider-Man on camera, then to continue to work on ‘Avengers 4’ in the cutting room.”

“I’m very busy for the foreseeable future,” he added.


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