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The ‘World’s Tallest 8-Year-Old Boy’ Stands at 6ft, 6in and Is Still Growing





If you come across Karan Singh, he’s actually pretty hard to miss. Besides, the 8-year-old schoolboy from Meerut, India stands at 6 feet, 6 inches. So yes, he’s a huge young man and he always gets a lot of attention because of it.

Most recently, Karan was featured by the Mirror, a news source based in UK. In the said article, we see his photos and we get an idea how massive this Indian student really is. In fact, he measures twice the size of most his classmates.

Merely 8 years of age, Karan Singh of Meerut, India already stands at 6 ft, 6 in.

Karan has actually been breaking records ‘all his life’ as he entered the Guinness Book of Records as both the heaviest and tallest baby at birth, Mirror reported.

The tall boy towers above his classmates at school.

Sanjay, his 41-year-old father, expressed hopes that his son’s height will once again earn recognition. He said:

“When Karan was born, he weighed 7.8 kg and was over 63 cm in length. So that got him into the record books instantly.

“Then, when he was five-years-old, he got the record for being the tallest toddler. He is eight now and I want to get him into the Guinness Records again.”

Apparently, being tall runs in the family!

The surprising part of the story here, of course, is that Karan is actually not the tallest in their family. His mother Shweatlana, 33, is considered India’s tallest woman with a height of 7ft 2in. It’s safe to assume he inherited the height from her.

Shweatlana plays basketball and has represented the country several times in both national and international sports events.

According to Sanjay, it still remains unclear how both the mother and the son have their unusual heights.

“We take Karan to an endocrinologist regularly. Until now, the tests have not shown any problems and everything is normal. Karan has a good stamina and has no internal problems.

“I am a naturopath by profession and I make sure that we follow a special diet and supplements along with a healthy day to day lifestyle.”

Despite his massive size, Karan does his best to enjoy his youth and do ordinary things.

Karan shared:

“After finishing my homework, I play with my friends and then I go play basketball with my mother. She started teaching me since I was five years old and I want to play basketball like my mother. But I also like science a lot.”

Their biggest challenge, so far? Its probably finding clothes and shoes that fit them.

Shweatlana confessed:

“When Karan was born, he didn’t fit into regular baby clothes. We had to get clothes for a six month old baby for him.

“At the age of three, clothes for a 10-year- old would fit him. Now, his shoe size is already 12 and sometimes we don’t get that in the markets and have to get them made.”

kThe family has to get tailor-made clothes for both Karan and his mother.

It even came to the point that both Karan and his mom had to share shoes since they have the same size. As for their clothes, they had to hire tailors for that.

As Shweatlana said,

“My clothes have to be stitched specially. I don’t even find bangles or sandals in my size. Now we get Karan’s clothes tailor made as well.”

And how does Karan feel about his height? Well, he doesn’t feel embarrassed at all and he wants to continue growing.

“I like that I am tall and that my mom is tall. I want to be taller than my mom and make my parents proud.

“But if I have to choose between becoming a doctor and a basketball player, I will choose basketball for sure.”

Karan hopes to be a basketball player someday – just like his mom!

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