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Woman with Rare Disease Begs Her Mother to Let Her Die, But Something Incredible Happens

The odds were certainly against her, but this didn’t stop the young woman from fighting.

Mini Malabanan





Jessica Stevens never thought a simple itch behind her knee would lead to years of torment.

At 16, Stevens was living every teenager’s dream. Described as a responsible adolescent and a caring big sister, the young lady had her whole life ahead of her. No one knew that a simple tick bite would forever change the teen girl’s life.

For the next six years, Stevens suffered chronic severe pain as a result of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), a rare neurological disorder with no known cure.

From a healthy young lady who loved outdoors, Stevens was quickly transformed into a helpless dying patient who almost turned insane from her hopeless situation.


Photo credit: Hope for Jessica

Because of her deteriorating state, Stevens was only given weeks to live. The unbearable physical pain finally took a toll on the young woman’s faith as Stevens begged her mother to let her die.

However, Steven’s mother refused to grant her daughter’s dying wish. Instead, she desperately took a gamble and brought her daughter to Mexico where Stevens was to receive an experimental and dangerous treatment.

Stevens was put in a medically-induced ketamine coma, which was not available in the US. The battle was extremely tough for the ill-stricken lady who suffered horrible complications from the first two attempts.

The odds were certainly against her, but this didn’t stop Stevens from fighting to finally get her happy ending.

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Inmates at a Maximum Security Prison Beat Students from Harvard University

Both parties showed no mercy. In the end, the team of prisoners defeated the Harvard students.

Ann Moises



Three young men who are currently incarcerated at the Eastern New York Correctional Facility for different violent crimes beat three students from Harvard College.

Wait, it’s not what you think.

In this true-to-life story, which reminded me of the movie “The Longest Yard”--- except there’s no cunning and overbearing jail warden to make the prisoners’ lives miserable --- Carl Snyder, Carlos Polanco, and Dyjuan Tatro, inmates at the maximum security prison defeated three students from the prestigious school in a debate.

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Mobile Showers Help Restore Hygiene and Hope of Homeless People in San Francisco

This project is preserving humanity, one shower at a time.

Ann Nuñez



With the population continuously increasing all over the world, there is an emerging problem on housing, especially in large urban areas. Homeless people are a common sight in the streets, carrying all their worldly possessions with them while searching for the next place to sleep. Obviously, with no place to call home, these unfortunate souls have nowhere to take care of their personal needs such as bathing.

Which is why this project of nonprofit organization Lava Mae is a godsend for all the homeless people in San Francisco, USA. Lava Mae converted  old city buses into mobile shower units for homeless people. By using the bus, the organization provides services across the whole city, transferring to places where it is most needed.

Watch the heartwarming video of their cause below:

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Woman Addicted to Pulling Her Hair Gets An Awesome Gift from Her Groom

On their wedding day, Tim gave Rebecca a gift that will allow her to live a normal life.

Mini Malabanan



At the age of 13, Rebecca was diagnosed with a hair-pulling disorder known as Trichotillomania.

According to Mayo Clinic, Trichotillomania  is a behavioural disorder involving recurrent and irresistible urges to pull hair from parts of the body such as scalp and eyebrows. It causes significant distress and may hinder an affected individual from living a normal healthy life. While some cases are manageable, others may have the uncontrollable urge to pull hair.

Diagnosed with the condition at the age of 13, Rebecca revealed:

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