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Romantic Guy Uses Drone to Meet Girl from A Nearby Building and Their Quarantined Love Story’s The Sweetest




  • Jeremy Cohen, a photographer from New York, used his creativity to find love.
  • He spotted a girl dancing on a nearby rooftop and so he used his drone to send her his number.
  • They eventually went out on a “dinner date” and now netizens couldn’t help but watch out for updates about their unique love story.

Is it still possible to find true love in the middle of a pandemic? We have a story for you that demonstrates exactly that.

Like most of us, Brooklyn-based freelance photographer Jeremy Cohen has been stuck at home for many days. Despite the situation, he has managed to stumble upon love in the most unexpected time and place.

In his posts on Instagram, Jeremy shared how he spotted a girl dancing on the rooftop of a nearby building.

He eventually waved at her and fortunately, she waved back – and that’s how their romantic story started.

Determined to get to know her, Jeremy attached a paper with his mobile number on his drone.

As Jeremy shared with BoredPanda:

“Flirting is normally daunting for me, but since I’ve been quarantined in my apartment for a week now, I was screaming for social interaction.”

An hour later, she received a message from the girl. Her name is Tori.

“I can’t believe this actually worked and yes this is a real story,” Jeremy captioned his Instagram clip.

Watch the Day 1 video here:

A day later, Jeremy asked Tori out for a dinner and naturally, she wondered how that would even be possible since they both had to observe social distancing.

Unknown to her, he had something creative in mind.

“I sneakily coordinated with her roommate earlier to set it up,” said Jeremy.

So by 5PM, the two were already on their first date.

They used FaceTime and had “matching organic, microwaved single dinners together.”

Check out the Day 2 video here:

And day 3 of their budding love story was even more romantic as they finally saw each other face to face – but with a little twist.

Watch Day 3 here:
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How to date a Quarantined Cutie, Part 3.

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Not surprisingly, Jeremy’s posts went viral on social media. Numerous netizens have praised him, with some commenting that he is “a real legend.”

Truth be told, we can’t wait for Day 4!

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