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Japanese Couple Wears Matching Outfits Every Day





Not all people understand the popularity of the couple’s shirt, couple’s shorts, couple’s shoes, etc. However, a Japanese couple has been doing the trend in their own adorable way, giving us all #RelationshipGoals.

Never has #OOTD looked this enviable. Tsuyoshi (“Bon”) and Tomi (“Pon”) Seki are taking social media by storm with their matchy-matchy outfits that prove style is ageless. They have been married for 38 years and dress the same every day. Their unique take on the trend earned them a massive following on Instagram.

The couple’s adorable co-ordinated fashion garnered them a lot of fans on social media. They now have 800,000 followers and counting on Instagram.

Unlike the other couples that took the couple fashion way too literally, Bon and Pon, a 60-something couple from Japan, made their ensembles similar to each other, but not completely the same. For example, if Tsuyoshi wears a shirt with horizontal thick white lines and thin black ones, Tomi will wear the same shirt but with thick black lines and thin white ones. On top of that, they both have a great fashion sense.

Even more inspiring, the couple tags their photos with #over60, #whitehair, #silverhair, and #greyhair, giving the face of fashion a more mature look and proving that style is not exclusively the domain of the young.

Since posting their first photo in December 2016, they have become an internet sensation for snapping photos of their stylish couple outfits, which often feature plaid, patterns, and pretty looks in primary colors.

Instagram captions reveal that the fashion-forward couple favor labels like UNIQLO and Comme Des Garcons. However, the pair is not averse to thrift store shopping.

Bon and Pon always ensure their clothes complement one another, with their outfits being dubbed the ultimate “couple dressing goals.”

Their Bonpon511 Instagram handle is believed to reference both their Christian names and the date they got married.

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