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Artist Creates Amazing 3D Graffiti That’s Absolutely Instagram-Worthy

Imagine taking pictures with these awesome optical illusion street art!

  • French artist @scaf_oner has gone viral because of his optical illusion street art.
  • His numerous social media followers just couldn’t help but admire his extremely-detailed 3D graffiti.

People have different perspectives when it comes to street art. While others see them as wonderful works of art, there are also those who view them as nothing more than vandalism.

Regardless, there’s one thing we can say about it: if it’s done right, it captures everyone’s attention. Case in point, a French artist has recently gained viral fame on social media because of his effective use of optical illusions.

Known only on Instagram as @scaf_oner, this guy has definitely made a name for himself in the world of street art. His interactive works are stunningly detailed and are undeniably perfect for taking Instagram photos because if you stand or position yourself in the right angle, you get to become part of the art.

As seen in the photos below, he takes inspiration from the wildlife and different pop culture properties (such as comics, anime, video games, fantasy and horror films, among others).


In an exclusive BoredPanda feature, @scaf_oner shared:

“I love to paint in all of these abandoned places. Above all, I like abandoned houses, manors, castles and factories.”


What’s even more impressive is the fact that he’s a self-taught artist. He did not study or receive any formal training and was only influenced by a friend.

“I started 18 years ago in abandoned factories and the street,” he said.


The artworks take a lot of time and effort but the real fun begins once they’re done. Just look at the photos and you’ll see his truly enjoying himself, he even wore costumes in some of his pics.


If you want to see more of @scaf_oner’s mind-bending street art, you can go check him out over at Instagram and on his official Facebook page.


Filipino Guy Creates Prosthetic Face Mask That Looks Creepy And Cool

Would you wear this?

  • Rene Aberlado of Laguna, Philippines is creating some creepy prosthetic face masks.
  • His work went viral online after his daughter posted about it on Facebook.
  • The masks are sold for only US$6 each.

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Two Widowed Penguins “Comfort Each Other” in Heartwarming Images Taken by Photographer

This is just pure.

  • Wildlife photographer Tobias Baumgaertner has shared photos of two penguins, watching the city lights over Melbourne, Australia.
  • According to the photographer, a volunteer informed him that the animals are both widowed and they often meet to "comfort" each other.
  • Thousands of netizens on social media have been touched by the beautiful photos and the heartwarming story behind them.

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Parade in the Netherlands Celebrates Vincent van Gogh With Giant Flower Floats

The colorful parade got even more interesting as it highlighted Vincent van Gogh and his works.


  • Zundert, Netherlands has been holding a unique tradition for eight decades, a parade of flower-filled bicycles featuring their popular dahlias
  • The tradition started years ago in 1936 as a tribute to Queen Wilhelmina on her birthday
  • This year, however, the locals staged the same parade with a unique twist - they highlighted the works of their very own Vincent van Gogh

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